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Monday, May 18, 2009

A productive Sunday - more new yarns!

Saturday night I actually left the house! We went out to a local bar and played some Golden Tee Golf. Even though I didn't stay out all night, it still meant I got a very late start on Sunday. (Part of why my destash post was so late!) BUT, miraculously, I still managed to spin up 5 new skeins of yarn! I finally spun "Mourning Dove's Cousin" as an art yarn. This is a colorway from the Yarn Wench that I absolutely LOVE, but was never sure i had the right yarns to spin in for an art yarn. I did half the fiber as a Novel-Ply (plied with Trendsetter JOY yarn) and the other half as my usual "FunctionArt" art yarn. I also spun up the second-to-last BATT that I have into a CoilySpun. Then, after exercising (yes, at 10 at night!), I spun two bamboo skeins! All have been listed in my etsy shop. Here is a mosaic of all of the new yarns -

Now it's time to spin! I want to keep the momentum going from yesterday so that I can build up my yarn inventory. I don't have a lot of shows coming up, but I do have a big one in July. I'd like to get some yarns done so that I can knit a bit, too.

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