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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of new yarns and a new bamboo color!

I've been trying to stay focused on spinning and have listed a few new yarns over the past couple of days - some bamboo, a merino/silk single ply, a FunctionArt/Batt-tacular! skein, and two single ply skeins spun from a LOOP batt of layered bamboo, wool, alpaca, and Kid Mohair. Here is a mosaic of all the new yarns, which are all listed in my etsy shop HERE!

Today, I'm spinning a new bamboo color! It is from Fiberlady, and consists of a dark and light shade of blue and a light creamy color. I'm thinking of calling the yarn either "Blueberry Pie" or "At the beach". Here is a sneak peak of the color -

If all goes as planned, I'll have 4 skeins of it to list tomorrow. I'm hoping to also spin up the last skein of "Violet Frost" (shown in the mosaic above), and then it will be on to spinning more Black Cherry/Tainted Love art yarns! I also have yet *another* "Black Gold" variation (this is the fiberlady color that I've called DragonSong, Meadow Dusk, Meadow Gold, and various other names since almost every time I get it, it looks slightly (sometimes drastically) different.) This latest variation may be interesting as it isn't as saturated as "DragonSong" but I think has brighter shades in it than the "meadow" skeins. Anyways, I hope to have 4 skeins of that spun up soon, too!

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