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Sunday, May 31, 2009

DESTASH SUNDAY - Hand Spun Yarns

Here is the last of my monthly May Destash Sundays post. Today, I've got some full skeins of hand spun yarn from other wonderful spinners, as well as a couple of lots of small amounts of handspuns [edited to add - these lots have all been sold already!]. The combined lots may be great for those who use fiber in their art, freeform crocheters, or those who just like to combine or use small amounts of yarns in their projects.

Here are the "rules" -
Each item has a price listed. I prefer paypal payment.
Shipping is FREE in the USA. I prefer not to ship these internationally, but if you live outside the USA and are interested, please email me for shipping costs.
To purchase, please EMAIL ME at kittygrrlzinc@yahoo.com
In the case of multiple requests for the same item, I will go by whoever emailed first.
I will remove items as they are sold.

First item is "Pointillism Purple" hand spun 2ply yarn, dyed and spun by The Yarn Wench. You are going to get TWO skeins for the price of one (I purchased one skein, and later won the other during a blog giveaway Lynn had). One skein = 124 yards, 3.7 oz., 6 wpi and the second skein is 112 yards. From Lynn's description: "A beautiful colorway in purples, navy, khaki, mulberry and every shade in between. Hand-dyed, handspun domestic wool two-ply with subtle touches of angelina. A beauty." PRICE for a total of 236 yards = $31

Next, is another duo from the Yarn Wench, "Soul Sistahs". These are both spun and then plied with Boa yarn. Fun colors and fun yarns! From Lynn's description: "Here are the particulars on each one - Purple Bling is 62 yards, 3.5 oz., and 6 wpi. It is hand-dyed, handspun Bluefaced Leicester and angelina plied up around a commercial boa yarn. Diva is 46 yards, 4.1 oz. and 4 wpi. It is hand-dyed, handspun wool of unknown origin and angelina plied up with a commercial boa. These two yarns are absolutely cuddly soft and would make a wonderful trim on mittens or gloves or used together on a small project." I was going to use them for some fun scarves, and even started on the project. But, given the amount of time I knit, I hope someone else can give the Sistahs a good home! Price for both skeins = $30

Next up is a purple and pink "Skull Skein" from MaterialWhirled. Approximately 85 yards, dark black, purple, and pink, plied with thread strung with skull beads! I also received a skull cap pattern with this skein and will include it along with the yarn. I paid $53, your price = $45

Here is another great skein, this one is from YarnPunk, and one of the most unique skeins I've ever had! I really wanted to knit this one, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon. This is the information from the etsy listing, "139 yds. of recycled flannel spun with vintage thread and assembled fabric skulls backed with woolfelt. This would knit up a bad ass snowboarding hat. Once knit, I recommend stitching down the skulls with a needle and thread so that they lie flat." I paid $44, your price is $39.

Next up is 60 yards of "Waterlilies" - dyed and spun by the Yarn Wench. This is the other half of a large skein. It is super bulky, approximately 6 wraps per inch. Here is more of her description, "A truly beautiful chunky yarn in the colors of Monet's Waterlilies. This skein is composed of domestic wool in greens, golds, and coppers, a ply of Falkland in burgandys and soft plums, and a ply of an Italian ladder yarn in purples, pinks, greens, and coppers. This whole yarn glistens with copper and pink angelina - a beauty!"
Price for 60 yards = $18

BUY MORE THAN ONE of any of the above items and get 10% off.

In addition, here are the specials I'm offering on the previous destash items -

Fiber - 10% off, buy $50 or more and get 15% off
Yarn - buy two or more lots and get 10% off

You can find the fiber posts HERE and HERE and HERE and the yarn post HERE. You can email me at kittygrrlzinc@yahoo.com if you are interested in any of the destash items!

My plan is to keep these items up for about a week, and then next weekend I will begin listing items on etsy. I am most likely going to be listing them in my Kitty Grrlz Knits shop, though, since I have more sections available in that shop.

But, for now, this is the end of my final DESTASH SUNDAYS blog post!


Three new single ply yarns & destash sale update

Well, I'm at least part way through my "to-do" list for today. Vacuuming - done! Take pictures of new yarns and yarns for destash post later today - done! Three new single plys listed on etsy - DONE! Here is a mosaic of the new yarns that are now available in my etsy shop -

Now, I think I need to take a lunch break before I tackle the destash pictures and posting. Look for the hand spun yarn destash post later today - probably late afternoon/early evening I'll have it all done. I've got 11 skeins or lots of hand spun yarn that will be posted.

Also, here are the specials for the previous destash posts -

Fiber - 10% off, buy $50 or more and get 15% off
Yarn - buy two or more lots and get 10% off

You can find the fiber posts HERE and HERE and HERE and the yarn post HERE. You can email me at kittygrrlzinc@yahoo.com if you are interested in any of the destash items!

Lunch time, then tackle the destash post!

Destash Sunday coming soon/plans for the day

The first thing on the agenda today is to VACUUM!!! the floor is a disaster! as soon as i get that done, i'll be taking pictures of 3 new wool single ply yarns (and listing them on etsy) and also the pictures of the items for this week's destash post. Today, I'll have some odds and ends of hand spun yarns from other great spinners, as well as a couple of full skeins. I'll also be offering a discount on the older items - 10% off fiber and 10% off if you buy two or more lots of yarn. But, more on that later - right now I really have to get to the vacuuming part!

Friday, May 29, 2009

New yarns for this week

Even though I've been spending much of the past few days knitting, I did have time to spin up a few new yarns. Today I listed two new Falkland wool single plys (Razzleberry Twist and Spring Sprouts) and yesterday listed two skeins each of two bamboo colors (Mocha Bliss and Bluebonnet Belle). Here is a mosaic of the new yarns which are now in my etsy shop.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Art Yarns!

I wanted to wait until I was able to retake pictures of these skeins before posting here, but it was another gray day today. So, here is a mosaic of two new colors that I listed in my etsy shop yesterday -

The top one is "Sangria Garden Rose", spun from hand dyed merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench. I really love this color and do have another batch of it. Not sure if it will become two more art yarn skeins, or something else.

The bottom one is also Yarn Wench merino, in color "Adriatic". Gorgeous shades of blues, greens and purple in this one, with lots of fun novelty yarns spun in!

These will probably be the last art yarns I spin for a week or so, but we'll see. I do have a box full of brighter fibers ready to spin into art yarns, but I just don't think they are "ready" to be spun yet!?!? I'm just not "feeling" them right now. I know that's odd, but art yarns aren't something I can "force" - usually they have to simmer or percolate a bit before finally being ready. When they (or *I*) are ready, though, I'll have a nice bright batch!

Right now, I've got lots of bamboo colors ready to spin (including a couple for some custom orders), and also 4 new batches of Falkland from Cloudlover. Since I'm getting ready for a show this Saturday, I'm also knitting. I am hoping to finish three shawls before Saturday. If I have time, I'll be spinning the bamboo and Falkland in between knitting!

I will be listing two colors of bamboo tomorrow - more "Bluebonnet Belle" and a new one, "Mocha Bliss".

Now, it's back to knitting this shawl . . .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Indy 500

Even though I don't watch much IRL racing during the rest of the year, I do watch the Indianapolis 500 each year (along with the Miller 200 (or whatever it's called now) that is in Milwaukee). I have actually been there twice - once for the race itself and once for the time trials. Each time it was a road trip with my dad and a couple other people, so I guess the race is one of those father/daughter bonding moments, and I like to watch it because of that history. If I weren't so lazy, I'd dig out the pictures from our trip and scan them in . . . but, not this year.

If any of the WOMEN win, check out my etsy shop after the race for a special sale!

Or, if John Andretti or AJ Foyt IV wins, I'll also have a special. These are the names I recognize from those days of following it alot more closely. I can't believe an Andretti has only won once! And, it looks like Marco is already out. My boyfriend's pick is Scott Dixon, so maybe I'll include him in my winner's special, too.

Edited to add - the PINK CAR to the list of if-they-win-then-have-a-special!

Anyways, now it's time for some racing, burgers, and Mike's Lemonade!

No Destash Post today

I won't be doing a destash post today. Instead, next Sunday I will do the final post for the month with a few new things and then all the remaining items. In the meantime, you can see what is still available by checking out my older posts -

Commercial Yarn destash
Roving destash
Fiber Destash here and here


Friday, May 22, 2009

More bamboo, upcoming show, and the Indy 500

Today, I listed the latest version of the "Black Gold" bamboo colorway - DragonWing. I have four skeins listed on etsy now. Here is a mosaic of the skeins -

I also have one more skein left in the new colorway, At the Beach/Sand & Sea -

I also received confirmation today that I will be at the BBQ Bash at Buffalo Phil's Pizza & Grille next weekend! I will be part of the art & craft fair portion of their annual BBQ Bash, which runs from 11am - 6pm on Saturday, May 30th. The art & craft fair will go on until 5pm. I will be there with all my usual items - yarns and knits - with an emphasis on bamboo yarns and hand knit shawls perfect for summer. I also will have my yarn photo bookmarks AND I'm hoping to have yarn photo magnets and pendants, too! (That is IF I get them done this week!) This is a rare summer show appearance for me, as I am cutting way back on the amount of shows that I'm doing - this will be my only one until the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair in July.

Finally, I know it is Memorial Day weekend, but for me this weekend has always been about the Indy 500. I'm going to post more about it on Sunday, but I just wanted to give everyone a head's up that if DANICA PATRICK wins the race on Sunday, watch my etsy shop directly following the race for one of my BEST SALES EVER. (Oh, and newsletter subscribers may want to check their email on Sunday, as I will be having a newsletter special that day as well. If you're not a newsletter subscriber, but would like to be, you can sign up on the sidebar here or at the bottom of this page.)

That's all from me for now - I've got to get back to work!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of new yarns and a new bamboo color!

I've been trying to stay focused on spinning and have listed a few new yarns over the past couple of days - some bamboo, a merino/silk single ply, a FunctionArt/Batt-tacular! skein, and two single ply skeins spun from a LOOP batt of layered bamboo, wool, alpaca, and Kid Mohair. Here is a mosaic of all the new yarns, which are all listed in my etsy shop HERE!

Today, I'm spinning a new bamboo color! It is from Fiberlady, and consists of a dark and light shade of blue and a light creamy color. I'm thinking of calling the yarn either "Blueberry Pie" or "At the beach". Here is a sneak peak of the color -

If all goes as planned, I'll have 4 skeins of it to list tomorrow. I'm hoping to also spin up the last skein of "Violet Frost" (shown in the mosaic above), and then it will be on to spinning more Black Cherry/Tainted Love art yarns! I also have yet *another* "Black Gold" variation (this is the fiberlady color that I've called DragonSong, Meadow Dusk, Meadow Gold, and various other names since almost every time I get it, it looks slightly (sometimes drastically) different.) This latest variation may be interesting as it isn't as saturated as "DragonSong" but I think has brighter shades in it than the "meadow" skeins. Anyways, I hope to have 4 skeins of that spun up soon, too!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A productive Sunday - more new yarns!

Saturday night I actually left the house! We went out to a local bar and played some Golden Tee Golf. Even though I didn't stay out all night, it still meant I got a very late start on Sunday. (Part of why my destash post was so late!) BUT, miraculously, I still managed to spin up 5 new skeins of yarn! I finally spun "Mourning Dove's Cousin" as an art yarn. This is a colorway from the Yarn Wench that I absolutely LOVE, but was never sure i had the right yarns to spin in for an art yarn. I did half the fiber as a Novel-Ply (plied with Trendsetter JOY yarn) and the other half as my usual "FunctionArt" art yarn. I also spun up the second-to-last BATT that I have into a CoilySpun. Then, after exercising (yes, at 10 at night!), I spun two bamboo skeins! All have been listed in my etsy shop. Here is a mosaic of all of the new yarns -

Now it's time to spin! I want to keep the momentum going from yesterday so that I can build up my yarn inventory. I don't have a lot of shows coming up, but I do have a big one in July. I'd like to get some yarns done so that I can knit a bit, too.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Here is this week's DESTASH post! Today, I've got mostly commercial yarns. Pricing is based on what I paid and does include shipping in the USA. Also, prices are for the whole bag or batch as shown and described. If you want only one or two balls, I may consider breaking up the lots, but the best deals are if you buy the entire lot. Please email me if you do want fewer balls than what is included in a lot.

First, the "rules" -
Each item has a price listed. I prefer paypal payment.
Shipping is FREE in the USA. I prefer not to ship these internationally, but if you live outside the USA and are interested, please email me for shipping costs.
Sorry, no discounts on the yarn lots today.
To purchase, please EMAIL ME at kittygrrlzinc@yahoo.com
In the case of multiple requests for the same item, I will go by whoever emailed first.
I will remove items as they are sold.

First, is one ball of Austermann Melody in color "Berry Medley" (color 107, Berry Medley, L1276502) = $4
Fibre Content: 43% Wool/ 42% Acrylic/ 15% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 10 st/4 inches 7.0-8.0 mm (US 10 1/2-11)
Approximately 82 yards

Next is a lot of 3 balls of Lana Grossa PEP Stripes yarn - color 706, Lacquer Red and Charcoal, L7871. This is SUPER SOFT! I did start knitting with these - the picture does show a small swatch of what it looks like knit with two strands - I undid that, though, and wound it back, so you should receive 3 full balls = $15
Fibre Content: 80% Microfibre/ 20% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Machine Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 17 st/4 inches 4.5-5.0 mm (US 7-8)
50g (1.75 oz) ball Yardage: 110 m (120 yards)

Austermann Candy Color in color "Bumbleberry" (color 06, lot L44). I have a total of 8 balls and I will also include a pattern sheet that has two patterns on it for this yarn and there should be enough of the yarn to make either of them, but not both, in the small size. = $45
Fibre Content: 100% Nylon Microfiber
Made In: Italy
Care: Machine Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 13 st/4 inches 6.0-7.0 mm (US 10-10 1/2)
50g (1.75 oz) ball Yardage: 90 m (98 yards)

Undyed Collection - PLUME - 100% polyester yarn for dyeing. This is a thick plume yarn, similar to Gedifra Costa Rica. I bought this to have someone dye it, but was unable to get it done because of the different dyes that needed to be used for polyester. I would love to actually have someone dye this FOR ME. If you might be interested, and have the ability to dye polyester, please CONTACT ME as I'd work something out to send you the skeins and pay to have them dyed. But, if you just want the yarn to play with, and wouldn't be able to dye it up right away, the full bag of 10 skeins is $15
Fibre Content: 100% Polyester
Made In: China
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 8 st/4 inches 10.0 mm (US 15)
50g (1.75 oz) hank Yardage: 35 m (38 yards)

Berroco Boho Colors - color #9348 Sangria - I have 10 balls of this multi-colored yarn. You can find out more about this on Berroco's site HERE including free patterns. Total for all 10 balls = $50
FIBER: 37% Cotton, 22% Rayon, 21% Nylon, 20% Polyester
BALL WEIGHT: 1.75 oz / 50 g
BALL LENGTH: 98 yds / 90 m
GAUGE: 5 sts = 1" 20 sts & 25 rows = 4" (10cm)
NEEDLE SIZE: 9(US) / 5.5 mm
Hand wash in cool water. Lay flat to dry.

Schachenmayr Nomotta "Scaletta" yarn in color "Mimosa" (0022, Mimosa, L59322). I had this yarn in a couple of other colors and knit a couple of things with it, including one of my first-ever sweaters. I love it, and this is a bright and fun color. I have a total of 9 balls and may be able to find the patterns I used, too. Total for all 9 balls = $50
Fibre Content: 35% Cotton/ 30% Acrylic/ 20% Nylon/ 15% Viscose Rayon
Made In: Italy
Care: Machine Wash Gentle/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 18 st/4 inches 5.0-6.0 mm (US 8-10)
50g (1.75 oz) ball Yardage: 90 m (98 yards)

Tahki Yarns - CHAT Print in color Blazing Sunset (023, Blazing Sunset, L6584) - I love this color and started knitting a top with it - you can see that in the photos, though I have frogged it and wrapped the yarn back up so I have 9 full balls - color shows best in top two pictures - total for all 9 = $38
Fibre Content: 100% Cotton
Made In: Germany
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 14 st/4 inches 6.0 mm (US 10)
50g (1.75 oz) ball Yardage: 80 m (87 yards)

Another lot of Katia SPRAY in color 2552 (dye lot 74245) - a multicolored, almost tye-dye effect yarn. This batch is for 8 balls = $20
Fibre Content: 100% Cotton
Made In: Spain
Care: Machine Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 10 st/4 inches 8-10 mm (US 11-15)
50g (1.75 oz) ball Yardage: 50 m (55 yards)

This next lot includes a couple of different kinds of yarns and colors, but thought I'd put them together for better savings. Included are two balls of Katia Bolero in a bright orange and yellowish-green color (#15/85894A), two balls of Schachenmayr Nomotta Figo yarn in an orange/brown/yellow color (#0090/003), one ball of Figo in a peachy/rose/yellow color (#0089/002), and one ball of Figo in a tannish gold/pink/yellow color (#0087/002). Total for lot of 6 balls = $15
Katia Bolero -
Fibre Content: 28% Rayon/ 26% Cotton/ 26% Acrylic/ 20% Nylon
Made In: Spain
Care: Machine Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 19 st/4 inches 4.0-4.5 mm (US 6-7)
50g (1.75 oz) ball Yardage: 90 m (98 yards)
Schachenmayr FIGO -
Content: 70% polyester, 30% nylon
Made in: Turkey
Size: 50g/77 yards
Gauge: 16sts/4" using needle #10.75-11US
Care: machine wash/dry flat

Schachenmayr Nomotta PRINCESS yarn in color Orchid Mist (#49/L1408-311138) - I have 4 full balls and a partial, along with the knit piece shown in the pictures. You will get everything shown for $15
Fibre Content: 72% Acrylic Microfibre/ 28% Viscose Rayon
Made In: Turkey
Care: Machine Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 18 st/4 inches 4.0-5.0 mm (US 6-8)
50g (1.75 oz) ball Yardage: 125 m (136 yards)

Austermann PLAYA yarn - a really soft nylon/microfiber yarn in a beautiful color - 04, Magenta Sea, L69. I knit this scarf with this yarn, and have 3 full balls plus a partial ball remaining. Total for 3 full balls and partial = $18
Fibre Content: 72% Nylon Microfibre/ 28% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Machine Wash Gentle/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 9-13 st/4 inches 10-12 mm (US 15-17)
50g (1.75 oz) ball Yardage: 60 m (65 yards)

This next lot is a batch of yarn I bought on ebay ages ago from Life's An Expedition. It is about 1-1/2 pounds of a yarn that is actually 4 strands together. I think it is a wool/acrylic blend, but I honestly don't remember the details. You will get this large lot for only $25!

The final lot is two balls of Lily Sugar n Cream cotton yarn. These were supposed to match, but as you can see they are from different dye lots. In total, two complete balls are included = $4

Well, I think that is it for today. Next week will be hand spun yarn odds and ends, including some complete skeins from other wonderful spinners. I also still have some fiber from previous weeks and you can see those posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lots of new yarns!

While I haven't been online much lately (other than to upload pics to flickr and list items on etsy), I HAVE been spinning, albeit a little slower than usual. I finished 4 art yarn skeins yesterday, though, which was a nice break from spinning so many singles lately. Here is a mosaic of all the new yarns that have been listed in my etsy shop this past week!

I will be doing another DESTASH SUNDAYS post tomorrow. Not as much as usual, though, just some commercial yarns that I don't think I will ever get around to knitting, and also a polyester novelty yarn for dyeing. I have been so grateful to those who have been giving some of my fiber good, new homes! You can see what is still left in my previous Destash posts HERE and HERE and HERE. (See, only ONE item left from that very first post - yay! and thank you!!)

Not sure what today holds. There was talk of heading out for awhile tonight, but I have bamboo lined up for spinning and some more art yarns just waiting for me to spin them! I also have some "Tealberry"/Blackberry Sea in a merino/silk blend that is just begging to be spun IF I could decide how I wanted to spin it! :)

But, for now, I think it may be time for a late lunch . . .

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Here is this week's DESTASH post! Today, I've got mostly wool roving, along with a couple of batts and one lot of random small fiber samples. Most of what I have today is probably best for felting, though there are a couple that would spin great. But, you can use these for anything you can think of! I WILL note for each item, though, if it's best for felting or spinning based on how easy it is to draft. Some of the merino I have here was very difficult for me to draft, which is part of why I am destashing it. Since I have problems with my hands on occasion, I really need to spin fiber that drafts easily, and some of these were just a little too tough for me. But, that doesn't mean the lovely fiber should go to waste - I'm sure others would be able to spin them, OR, as I said earlier - they'd be great for felting! I even have one lot of 3 needle-felting kits! Perfect if you'd like to try or maybe want to try with a group! :) But, I've rambled enough - here is the destash list for today -

First, the "rules" -
Each item has a price listed. I prefer paypal payment.
Shipping is FREE in the USA. I prefer not to ship these internationally, but if you live outside the USA and are interested, please email me for shipping costs.
If you buy 3 or more lots, you may get a discount, usually 10%, but it does depend on the items purchased, and I can't always promise a discount. The ones listed today are already listed below what I paid.
To purchase, please EMAIL ME at kittygrrlzinc@yahoo.com
In the case of multiple requests for the same item, I will go by whoever emailed first.
I will remove items as they are sold.

The first items are all SPUNKY CLUB fibers from SpunkyEclectic. I was a club member and always got double so most of these lots are 8 oz. The cost was $26 and most of these 8 oz lots are priced at $20 - and remember, that includes shipping! Here are the Spunky Club lots -

First, is "Goblin Eyes", Romney wool, a total of 7.8 oz from October 2007. "October is the month of scary ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and all things scary and terrific. Every time I've seen a Goblin their eyes seem to be able to change. Black, white, green, orange, purple, and sometimes an awful scary combination of them all." = $20

Second, is "Party Dress", Superwash Corriedale wool, a total of 8.1 oz from December 2007. "When I came up with this colorway is just screamed 80s colored party dresses. Bright and cheerful, ready for that New Years party." Bright green, red, and bright blue. = $20

Finally, the last of the Spunky Club fiber lots - "Harvest Haze", Lincoln wool, total of 7.8 oz (with just a bit of it spun up). Soft shades of green and peachy orange and a bit of pale purple/lavender. IF you've never spun Lincoln wool before - here is more information - "The staple length is a staggering 8-15 inches (20-38 cm). The micron count is rated at 37-41. So now you know it's not the softest. But, it is strong and so super shiny. It's main uses would be for outerwear, rugs or to blend with other fibers for strength." = $20

This lot includes two braids of 22 micron hand dyed merino top from EweGiveMeTheKnits in color "Chocolate Dipped Berries". Each braid is 3.5 oz for a total of 7 oz. total for both = $25 (if you only want one braid, they are $15 each - better savings if you buy both)

Here is a 2 oz lot of hand dyed Corriedale wool, would be great for felting, I think. Dark blues and purples with a bit of red. 2 oz = $8

Here is some hand dyed alpaca from NorthStarAlpacas - in bright shades of orange, yellow, and pink. It is 75% white alpaca from Okko, 30% Merino lamb from genopalette and 5% Mohair from SpinningMoonFarm. 2.5 oz = $9

Here is 3.3 oz of "Indian Princess", a blended batt from TerraBellaSpun. Includes wool, superwash merino, and gold sparkle. = $15

Another set of hand dyed domestic wool braids dyed by the Yarn Wench, another custom request, this time in shades of purple and orange. Braids are 3.8 and 3.7 oz for a total of 7.5 oz = $20
The above two pictures are the next lot - another two batches of hand dyed domestic wool dyed by the Yarn Wench in color "Vibe" - bright shades of orange with a bit of green. 4.1 oz and 4.5 oz for a total of 8.6 oz = $20

This is another lot that would be good for felting as the pink roving shown here, while merino wool, is *very* difficult to draft, so would be best used for felting or for "knitting-with-roving" projects. There is 3.8 oz of pink, 1.1 oz of orange, and 1.9 oz of bright yellow, 1.1 oz of lighter yellow, and .4 oz of natural colored wool. Total = 8.3 oz = $14

The next lot combines 3 needle felting kits I purchased when I thought I would start needle-felting. It's not that I don't want to, actually, but the truth is, I don't have time. So, I'm offering all three kits together in one lot. This way, you will receive plenty of bits of wool and sparkle, 3 different foam blocks, several bandaids, multiple needles, and different instructions. The Crafty Ass Chick set includes pinbacks, too, to make flower pins (along with the instructions to make such flower pins). Here is a picture of the 3 sets -

The large set is the CraftyAssChick set which includes instructions on how to make the flower pins (I paid $40 for this set alone!). The other set is from YarnPunk and includes some thicker sparkle (I paid $9). The other kit, I'm not sure where I got it from, but is also included (7.95 price tag). ALL THREE SETS = $40 (that's basically getting the two smaller kits for FREE)

I'm including this lot here today because some of the wools I've posted today would be great for felting!

So, that's it for this week! I still have some loose fibers/locks available from last week. You can see what is still available HERE and HERE.


This week's Destash post should be done and posted this afternoon! I was gone all day yesterday so have to get everything photographed this morning and then posted. I've got lots, once again!

Stay tuned . . .

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New bamboo yarns!

Today I listed 4 skeins of bamboo. One color, Lilac Mint, is one I haven't done in awhile, and the other, Marigold Sky, is one I have never done before! They are all a bit thicker - DK weight as opposed to sport - and lighter colors perfect for spring. Here is a mosaic of the skeins and you can find them all on ETSY HERE.

Also, my Sunday Destash is still going - you can find out what I have remaining in THIS POST and THIS POST. This past weekend was mostly loose fibers and locks. May 10 I'll be posting roving and May 17 it will be some commercial yarns. May 23 will be a round up of whatever else I have found to destash - some hand spuns, other odds and ends - and May 31 will be a recap of whatever is left. What doesn't get sold this way will be posted on etsy in larger lots.

Back to work now! I've got LOTS of bamboo to spin and am hoping to get some art yarns done this week, too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Thank you to those who have already helped me find new homes for some wonderful fibers that I just don't think I would get around to spinning. As promised, here is the second post for today, which is mostly small lots of fiber. I've grouped them together by color as in most cases I had more than one of the same and in other cases I combined ones I thought were similar.

Same rules apply as to the previous post -
Each item has a price listed. I prefer paypal payment.
Shipping is FREE in the USA. I prefer not to ship these internationally, but if you live outside the USA and are interested, please email me for shipping costs.
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This is a lot of two Yarn Wench Mmmbelishments. The one on the left is a Valentine one and all that remains is 1 ounce of hand dyed red Cotswold locks. The one on the right is Mmmbelishment #7 - Cherry/Orange/Bronze hand dyed Cotswold locks with just a bit of angelina. Total 1.7 oz - $7

Mmmbelishments in Fuchsia/Pink (.8 oz) and Purple/Orchid (.7 oz) - Cotswold Lamb locks and angelina and the one includes a few shimmery circle Paillettes. Total 1.5 oz = $6

This is actually a combination of 3 Mmmbellishments - two Fuchsia/Yellow/Orange (1.5 oz) and .3 oz of Pink/Chartreuse. Also included are some buttons and some ribbon. $9

Hand-dyed Romney Locks - Deco - in golden brown and violet. You can see better pictures of one of these HERE. Total 1.8 oz = $7

Hand-dyed Romney locks - in lavender, olive and gold. You can see better pictures of these HERE. Total - 2 oz = $7

Mmmbellishments 12 and 13 - Pink/Rust/Olive - Cotswold Locks, Angelina, and buttons - You can see better pictures of these HERE. Total 1.6 oz plus buttons = $8.50

The two pictures above show 4 small batches of fiber - the top picture is Romney in Pinks and Blues (total 1.4 oz) and the bottom is Romney in Lavender and Blue (on the left - .9 oz) and Sherino in Fuchsia/Turquoise/Blue (on the right - .8 oz). Also included are Paillettes and a bit of angelina. Total - 3.1 oz plus Paillettes = $12

Well, I think that is all for this week. NEXT WEEK will be ROVING destash and so far I've got some merino that would be good for felting and some superwash merino, too. I'm sure I'll find more, too!