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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stonewood Village Art Fair this weekend!

This weekend I will be at the Stonewood Village Art Fair in Brookfield, Wisconsin! If you are in the area, please consider coming out -

I will be in booth #72! I will have more hand knit shawls, new wristwarmers and some new yarns, too!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have a new ad running on Ravelry for my "Squish-tastic!" yarns, so I have some new ones now listed on etsy and my website. Here are some pictures!


Orange Plum Spice


Gothic Nightfall

In other news . . . well, for right now I have no other news. Just working on getting more shawls knit for my show this weekend along with working on more yarns! I am also in the upcoming Etsy Co-Op Venus Zine ad - I used a picture of my "Green Man - Tales from the Mythic Forest" yarn from back in March. The new skeins are a little different, and I do have more fiber in this color so will be spinning a few more, but for now, I have these two listed -

And, finally, since I am showing my newest yarns, here is one more - A "LoopCoilyPuff" CoilySpun yarn spun from 5 "babycakes" from LOOP. Three of them were remainders from her "money" spontaneous spinning batts, so actually have shredded dollar bills spun in! I am calling this skein "The Coils of Earth and Money" -

That's all from me today!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back and busy . . .

I have been back since Tuesday from the show up north and also visiting with my sister and dad. But, I've been busy spinning and with other life things . . . but i really just want to post some pictures today of the new stuff! :)

New Yarns -

All of the ones above have been listed and if you click on the picture it should take you to the etsy listing. The ones below haven't been listed yet, but should be later today -

Super coily CoilySpun -

Two corespun single plys -
I also have a few other yarns up on etsy - Novel Ply PoodleSkirt Plush and Mahogany Midnight Moon FunctionArt art yarn.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have over the next few weeks for blogging, but I'll try and check in here and there with new yarn pics and any updates on the life-stuff if and when things change . . . but for now, it's back to the wheel . . .

Friday, August 8, 2008

Musky Jamboree!

This Sunday I will be at the MUSKY JAMBOREE in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin! If you are in the area - please check it out! I will be in booth #28 - right across from Coontail Sports and very near the entertainment stage!

I have been knitting up a storm this week to have new shawls, scarves, and even a hat or two. I will also have lots of yarn, as always!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This week . . .

I will be knitting ALOT. This means I may not have many new yarns listed. I am preparing for the MUSKY JAMBOREE in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, which is Sunday, August 10. I really need to have more of a balance between knits and yarn, so I will be knitting lots of shawls, scarves, and wristwarmers this week. (and, hopefully some hats if there is time.)

Before I started the knitting yesterday, I did get some new yarns spun!

Plum Divine - yes, I am back at spinning this colorway. I broke down and asked for a pound of it to be dyed for me by Lynn (aka the Yarn Wench) which means I should have new yarns in this color over the next few weeks. So far, I've spun up one 4 oz batch. One skein I knit up into this scarf -
for a customer. And, the other skein, at least for now, is available on etsy -

I say "for now" because if this doesn't sell quickly there is a very good chance I will be knitting it into a hat or maybe a scarf for my upcoming show.

I also spun up a bunch of Novel-Ply yarns - these are yarns that are spun with one strand of hand spun merino wool and then plied with a novelty or specialty yarn. Here are the newest ones -

Hot Stuff -

Ocean Splash -

Autumn Sizzle -

Red Maple Buds -

Turquoise Sands Surprise -

So, that is all from me today - I may not be posting for the rest of the week, but I may try and sneak in a few pictures here and there. But, I will be knitting knitting knitting up a storm this week and hopefully will be back to spinning next week!

(oh, and just an update - my email is back to normal now! yay!)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Email problems & my new favorite yarn

So, apparently I can't get into my kittygrrlzinc yahoo email account!?!? If you need to contact me today, please EMAIL ME HERE. I am so mad. I am logged in all the time. All of a sudden I am trying to delete a message and it prompts me for my password. Which, how can I not know it?? But it doesn't accept it, and when I try for the password help it tells me I am providing wrong information and locked my account. GRRRR ARRGGGGHHHH . . . I guess it is a good thing that we are going to the State Fair today so all I can do is go and hope I have a response from them by the time we get home.

In other news - I wanted to post today about my new favoritest yarn!!! Here is what I wrote about it the other day -

"How this one came about -
When I got this fiber in the mail this week I was actually a little disappointed - not in the color necessarily - but because I thought it would have some of the dark green in it like the Sabrina colorways. My fault for not looking more closely at the pictures. So, I was going to relegate it to one of the bins for "later".

Then, yesterday, I went to Michaels and Joanns on the hunt for some dark purple yarns for more "Plum Divine" yarns. I happened to pick up 3 different dark plum shades of yarn.

Last night, while organizing and re-organizing, I realized that some of the dark yarns I got would work really well with this colorway. And, the pinks to contrast with the darks . . . and I also had that dark brown"Punk" yarn . . . and the dark blues used in "Mahogany Peacock".

and, before I knew it, I had a new art yarn planned. Last night, the name I had thought of was "Plum Cherry Blues" - my typical color-based name . . . but then this morning while spinning it there was something about it that reminded me of the 80s . . . maybe that purple and pink combination? - and the song Tainted Love popped into my head - thus, the new name for the yarn!

It is spun from merino wool hand dyed by the Yarn Wench in color "Black Cherry" and has novelty yarns in dark plum, dark blue, dark brown, and bright pink spun in along with 3 colors of angelina and plied with matching pink thread.

Totally awesome! :) "

I also spun up a new single ply yarn the other day - from an alpaca/merino/silk blend -

I also spun up two more skeins of "Radioactive Chance" -

I also have a new Novel-Ply yarn up at my website - this one will be on etsy later and I also have more Novel-Ply yarns ready to be listed soon. I was hoping to get most of them listed today and tomorrow. Here is the one that is already up on my site -

Okay, I think that is it from me this morning. Hopefully, I will hear from yahoo and be able to get back into my email account soon, but in the mean time - I've got to get ready to go to the Wisconsin State Fair today!