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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Thank you to those who have already helped me find new homes for some wonderful fibers that I just don't think I would get around to spinning. As promised, here is the second post for today, which is mostly small lots of fiber. I've grouped them together by color as in most cases I had more than one of the same and in other cases I combined ones I thought were similar.

Same rules apply as to the previous post -
Each item has a price listed. I prefer paypal payment.
Shipping is FREE in the USA. I prefer not to ship these internationally, but if you live outside the USA and are interested, please email me for shipping costs.
If you buy 3 or more lots, you will get a discount, usually 10%, though on these smaller lots I will only discount if you buy ALOT.
To purchase, please EMAIL ME at kittygrrlzinc@yahoo.com
In the case of multiple requests for the same item, I will go by whoever emailed first.
I will remove items as they are sold.

This is a lot of two Yarn Wench Mmmbelishments. The one on the left is a Valentine one and all that remains is 1 ounce of hand dyed red Cotswold locks. The one on the right is Mmmbelishment #7 - Cherry/Orange/Bronze hand dyed Cotswold locks with just a bit of angelina. Total 1.7 oz - $7

Mmmbelishments in Fuchsia/Pink (.8 oz) and Purple/Orchid (.7 oz) - Cotswold Lamb locks and angelina and the one includes a few shimmery circle Paillettes. Total 1.5 oz = $6

This is actually a combination of 3 Mmmbellishments - two Fuchsia/Yellow/Orange (1.5 oz) and .3 oz of Pink/Chartreuse. Also included are some buttons and some ribbon. $9

Hand-dyed Romney Locks - Deco - in golden brown and violet. You can see better pictures of one of these HERE. Total 1.8 oz = $7

Hand-dyed Romney locks - in lavender, olive and gold. You can see better pictures of these HERE. Total - 2 oz = $7

Mmmbellishments 12 and 13 - Pink/Rust/Olive - Cotswold Locks, Angelina, and buttons - You can see better pictures of these HERE. Total 1.6 oz plus buttons = $8.50

The two pictures above show 4 small batches of fiber - the top picture is Romney in Pinks and Blues (total 1.4 oz) and the bottom is Romney in Lavender and Blue (on the left - .9 oz) and Sherino in Fuchsia/Turquoise/Blue (on the right - .8 oz). Also included are Paillettes and a bit of angelina. Total - 3.1 oz plus Paillettes = $12

Well, I think that is all for this week. NEXT WEEK will be ROVING destash and so far I've got some merino that would be good for felting and some superwash merino, too. I'm sure I'll find more, too!

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