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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, it has been quite the year! This was my first full-fledged year as a "spinner" and the first full year I have really dedicated to making Kitty Grrlz a viable business. It has been a ton of work but alot of fun, and I am already making plans for 2008!

After being sick for nearly two weeks, and just not getting much done on the crafting front, I have finally gotten back into the SPIN of things--I spun up a whole bunch of yarns this weekend -- most of them on Friday -- and finished a scarf that has been on the needles since before I got sick.

Here is a nice shot of some of the yarns:
Some of them are on etsy now. Sonoma 1 and 2 are here and here. Abundance - one is being held so I haven't listed the other one yet. Plum Lime Divine is HERE and Divine Melon is HERE. The last one isn't on etsy yet, but all of them (except Abundance) are on my website.

In other store news, TODAY is the LAST DAY to get the SALE PRICE on selected items. The Sale Priced HandSpun Yarns are on Etsy HERE and the Sale Priced Hand Knits are on Etsy HERE. ALL SALE items are HERE on my website.

In addition, I will also offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA on ALL ORDERS and HALF PRICE SHIPPING on International orders. Just put "FS" in Notes to Seller or Comments section and wait for updated invoice or pay and I will refund the difference. This offer (and the sale prices) ends tonight at Midnight, CST.

I have also opened a new ETSY SHOP for my HAND KNIT items -- Kitty Grrlz Knits - kittygrrlzknits.etsy.com Beginning tomorrow, I will be listing all of my new hand knit items there and Kitty Grrlz - kittygrrlz.etsy.com will only be for my handspun yarns. I will still combine shipping between the two shops, and my website will stay the same, but this is something I thought I would try for the new year. Items currently in the Kitty Grrlz shop will slowly be switched over to the new shop--I hope to have everything separated by the end of January.

In the new year, I am also going to putting out a monthly newsletter via email. Recipients of the newsletter will be the first to find out about new yarns or items, upcoming craft shows, and will get special discounts and offers. These discounts will be the only ones I offer most of the time, so if you would like to join the Newsletter mailing list, just EMAIL ME.

Finally, I will leave you with some more pictures of my latest items! :)

Amethyst Sky Scarf - hand knit by me with Austermann Samoa yarn hand-dyed by Lynn (aka the Yarn Wench.) This should be up at kittygrrlzknits.etsy.com tomorrow!

Here is a nice cozy scarf knit up from handspun yarn from TerraBellaSpun.

Here is a another new yarn, just finished around 12:30am this morning! It is spun from merino wool handdyed by the Yarn Wench, and I think I'm sticking to the name of "Reckless" . . .
And, just a few single shots of the other new art yarns:

Now, I have to get back to spinning! Happy new year everyone!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Survived Christmas! & Boxing Day Sale

Back to work today, though now that I finally feel better, I wish I was spinning!

Quick recap . . .

Friday! I picked up my new car! Woohoo! I kept meaning to take pictures this weekend but didn't get a chance . . . hopefully I will be able to this weekend . . . I love it, though!

Saturday--dreary day, we went to American and bought a TV! I don't know why, especially don't know why I insisted on getting the more expensive one, but holy CRAP does it look good!! We rented 2 Blu-Ray movies and WOW!!! It really was amazing, which is saying something because up until I met and moved in with Scott, all I had was a 13 inch TV and was HAPPY with it! (I still have that TV, btw, and won't let him toss it! It still works! And, it has such sentimental value--it was our "kitchen" tv when i was a kid, then it became mine and went with me to college, Oregon, California, and back to Wisconsin. I just can't part with it!) Anyways, if *I* can tell the difference in clarity/picture/etc., it's GOT to be good!!

Sunday, finally took some slightly better pictures of the yarns I've spun up over the past few weeks . . . and they are finally up on etsy and my website! Here are pics of two that I haven't yet shown:

Dreaming of Electric Sheep:

Punk Rock Valentine v.3 (this one is actually from awhile ago, but I don't think I've posted a picture yet!)
And, here is one, but I listed it on Monday and it sold right away! Spun from merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench:

AND! Sunday and Monday I *finally* got back to spinning!! I spun up a Navajo 3-ply yarn from a 50% superwash merino/50% tencel fiber dyed by Spincerely. This isn't the best pic as it was taken at night, but I didn't get a chance to take new pics yet. Here it is (should be listed later today):
And, here is another Single Ply done on Monday night, spun from more merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench. This one should also be listed later today!

Then, on Christmas morning (YES! I was spinning on Christmas morning! :) ) I spun up a merino/silk blend also dyed by the Yarn Wench. It was my first time spinning this blend so just decided to do a single ply. Not sure how I like it, honestly, and I know part of it is the pictures--hopefully I'll have better ones soon and it will probably be listed on my website later today as well.

After I spun this up we went to Scott's Mom's house for Christmas--really great food and it's always nice to visit with her. His dad was there as well. We got AWESOME HUGE bath towels from her which we've been wanting, and I got a really fun black velour HELLO KITTY sweatshirt-type jacket--it has a big sparkly hello kitty face on the back and is SOOO soft, seriously! I wore it the rest of the day! For my buy-handmade gifts, I gave her a holiday ornament made by StarsDreamsandJewels and a needle-felted frog (she loves frogs) from a seller next to me at the Holiday Craftacular back in November.

Then, the debate began on whether or not we were going to try and get out to my uncle's house. Since our planned-for-the-28th gathering with my Mom, sister, and Grandma wasn't going to happen, I thought I should really get out there (it was almost an hour drive from where we were) . . . so I knew I had to go, the debate was getting Scott to go with me. Well, he did and while we got to my uncle's just as everyone was leaving, we quick hopped over to my Mom's and did our little family gathering/gift opening. I got my sister a cool rug from EKRA, my niece a really nifty wristlet from MINEFULL (I so wanted to keep this for myself!), and my mom a bowl made out of a record from RETIRED RECORDS. I know it wasn't much, but getting sick really put back my shopping plans, so I decided to just go with what I already had . . . I received some things for my new car and a beautiful hand made wind chime from my Mom! Yay Mom for buying handmade! ;)

Then, it was home and pretty much to bed as back to work bright and early this morning! After hearing about BOXING DAY on the radio this morning, I decided I would have a BOXING DAY SALE in my ETSY STORE.

Here are the details:

10% off all SALE PRICED items
Sale Priced Yarns
Sale Priced Hand Knits

15% off ALL other HANDSPUN YARNS

20% off ALL other HAND KNITS

Kitty Grrlz on Etsy

Please put "BoxingDay" in Notes to Seller section and wait for updated invoice or pay and I will refund the difference.

SALE ENDS December 27, 7am CST.

I have been having a lot of sales lately, but come January 1, the Sale Priced sections will disappear and so will my penchant for sales! So, now is a great time to shop my store!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another yarn!

First, I have to say I have gone an entire 4 days without buying any fiber! Sure, I bought a car, but I am really going to have to watch my fiber spending with the new car payment coming up, so every day I can go without a purchase is a little victory for me! (I won't be on a STARVATION diet, of course, but I DO need to cut back--it has been like a fiber buffet for me lately!!)

Second, it was so tough yesterday! Knowing my car is just waiting for me to pick it up! AND! My money cleared much faster than I thought so it is sitting there just waiting for me, too! But, I decided to keep the plan for Friday on course . . .

Third, and probably best of all . . . I spun a yarn last night! It is just a nice little single ply spun from TerraBellaSpun's "Winter Warlock" batt. 150 yards, a little thinner than my usual yarns, maybe dk weight, not sure yet. I did wash my twist-setting/yarn soaking pot very well and finally got this one and the other one in there. I'm hoping to list them both on etsy and my website either tonight or tomorrow! Here is a picture of the Winter Warlock yarn:

And another:
And, here is Bug, staking claim to the bag that the fiber came in--she doesn't care much about the fiber but don't you dare take the plastic bag away from her! :)

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll be spinning another yarn tonight and new car tomorrow!! YAY!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What a week!?

So much for getting back to blogging! It has been an interesting week, I guess you could say.

Last week, my car decided to "die" on me . . . I say that because it didn't *quite* die all the way, but enough so that I had to have it towed home from work . . . $500 worth of repairs . . . BUT! Wait! "You also have an engine noise that could become something serious and that would probably lead to expensive engine repairs" . . . so, I called my Mom. I'm not sure why. I'm 35 years old, I'm probably old enough to deal with my own car problems, but my Mom and her boyfriend are . . . I don't know exactly what to call them . . . but Jim loves to buy vehicles. Recently they just bought my Mom a new Ford Explorer . . . on EBAY! They also, you know, "know a guy" for just about everything, including a mechanic. SO, I called my mom and in a round about way, Jim. I explained my car situation to them. Yes, my car could be repaired . . . BUT I have been thinking since summer about buying a new car . . . a bigger car, preferable a small SUV to make doing craft shows a little easier.

Now, don't get my wrong--I love my Prizm and I loved how much I could actually pack into it and I would always grin when I got to craft shows, saw all the big SUVS and trailers, and here I pull up in my little Prizm and start unloading it . . . clown-car like! Also, couldn't go wrong with the gas mileage, though it definitely hadn't been as good lately.

BUT, I really felt that using this as a reason to buy a new car would be good, but I still needed a "second opinion" on my car, so Jim came out, and yes, indeed, the engine would probably have to be replaced in the near future. I said, get my car back to my apt., and I will start looking for a new car. This also worked out because, like i said, they seem to love cars, so they usually have one or two extras parked in their driveway, so I was able to borrow one of them. Unfortunately, it wasn't my Mom's *old* Explorer (the one I drove in the summer for a couple of shows), but, rather, a Dodge Caravan.

Okay, honestly, I sooo did not want to drive a minivan. Jim says, "Oh once you drive it you'll love it and want one!" I doubted it but was very happy to have a vehicle to drive . . .

so, my car got towed 12/11, we got it back from the dealership and i got the Caravan 12/12 . . . all ready to get back to work on 12/13 . . . and I got sick again!? Not the flu, which I had the week before, but one of those horrible migraine-level headaches that I was convinced was brought on by the car stress. Or, well, something, I don't know. So, basically another wasted day!?

(Keep in mind that even though I don't have any craft shows until January--I still wanted to be spinning and knitting during this time so I could be ready to add some new items to my site!)

okay, back to the car stuff . . . so, I managed to get to work on Friday and at this point I started actively looking at cars. I was going for the smaller SUVs/Crossovers and was looking for something with decent gas mileage. The RAV4 was high on my list, but I was also intrigued by the new Jeep Compass. I managed to drive that one on Friday . . . I really did like it. Very similar to a car, actually, but I wasn't sure it had enough space, a big enough gas tank (I really want to be able to go 300 miles on a tank of gas), and the rear visibility was kinda bad--along with feeling a little claustrophobic in it.

My plan then was to test drive the RAV4. But, along in my research I came across the Ford Escape. I liked the way it looked--even though most reviewers say that it's style is a negative (hasn't changed much over the years i guess), I actually liked it because inside it seemed a lot more open and lot better visibility. Cargo space was also more than the Compass (not as much as the RAV4) and bigger gas tank, even with the slightly different mileage, just might be able to get the 300 miles/tank.

I really wanted to do all of this Saturday, but it snowed. A lot. Like all day. So, no car shopping for me!

Sunday was actually sort of relaxing, I was feeling a little better and even managed to spin a yarn!

This is "Pretty on the Dark Side", spun from a carded batt from TerraBellaSpun
It hasn't been listed anywhere yet because in addition to sickness and car issues, a new problem arose on Saturday night . . . a leaking ceiling in our apartment!
This is what it looked like Sunday morning . . . note the three spots--water drips . . . but, by 9pm it looked more like this:

I reversed the angle, but that was to try and show how those three spots had transformed into one long slit--like a crazy gaping mouth! And, this is what was coming out of it:

Gross brown sticky water! Uggh! Luckily, we rent so this will be taken care of (unfortunately we don't know when as it is roof/snow related and the roofers are aware of the problem and apparently there are other similar leaks in other units) . . . but, it is a bit of a pain as this is right above where one of our couches is . . . so the couch is now pushed back, effectively blocking our kitchen, so we have to climb over or shimmy around it to get to the kitchen. (We are very happy we weren't planning on company for the holidays!) AND . . .

how this relates to my yarn is, that silver pot is what i used to set the twist in my yarns! now, i have to find something else for now (though really we are only using the cooler to catch the drips as the leak seems to have stabilized and is only coming from the gap) but that water is so gross I don't want to be using this again until i can clean it VERY well!!

So, leaky ceiling on Sunday, but some spinning, YAY!

Monday, I go to work! Yay! My goal was to work an entire week, something i have yet to do in December due to sickness, mostly, and also the car issues . . . so, I work my day and get ready to leave--I am psyched because I was planning on test driving more vehicles . . . but . . . I back out (using the Dodge Caravan, remember) and something feels weird. I stop and get out to look . . .

the front passenger side TIRE is COMPLETELY FLAT! I drive it back to my parking spot. the stress and frustration of the past couple of weeks comes to a head and i pretty much just have a mini breakdown! i try to call my mom but they are on vacation. i call my boyfriend, but what can he do, really, and of course says the most logical thing . . CHANGE THE TIRE!

Well, I am 35 years old and have never changed a tire. I'm sorry. That's just the way it is. So, I go back inside and try to figure out what to do . . . I know one of my coworkers has a Caravan as well so I happen to catch her just as she's coming down to our office area and I ask her if she's ever changed a tire on her van. Well, she says, no, not really, BUT, one of my other coworkers had! He had changed it when they were on their way to a work-related event. SO, I go back out to see if there even is a spare and they both come out a few minutes later to help me. After some problem getting the spare tire off of where it was (underneath, outside the vehicle) . . . he changed the tire! YAY FOR WONDERFUL CO-WORKERS! Then the debate was, could I get the 30 miles back home? AND, what about test driving cars?

So . . . I risk it and head home, driving MUCH slower than usual . . . the car dealerships are literally right on my way, so I stopped.

The first was a Toyota dealership. Now, I understand with the snow on the weekend Monday was a tough day of moving cars and plowing to get the lot back to normal . . . I understand I sortof stopped by unannounced, though I had sent an email in reply to one I had gotten that I was hoping to come in. So, I stopped. Had to find the guy whose name was on the email (though it really didn't matter to me) . . .

well, he seemed right off kind of annoyed. it seemed like a *problem* to look through his listing for a vehicle to my specifications which was pretty much "the most basic model you have in black or green" . . . he said he had one. he went to go get it . . . it was one that had come from another dealership and wasn't quite ready for a test drive, or so he said. it also didn't have any gas in it. so, he basically says i can't test drive it. i sat in it, got a feel for it, and while the cargo space is great, i really didn't like it . . . . on our way back inside i asked about their inventory and he snapped "you're not going to find exactly what you want" or something like that. at the time, it didn't really bother me, but afterwards, i was like, why not? you're saying i'm going to have to settle for a more loaded vehicle in an ugly color? well, no, i won't be i'll be going elsewhere!

and so i did! i went to the Ford place down the road and test drove the Escape. Right off the bat, it was a little more laid back--the guy that ended up helping me recognized my name from SCHOOL! I went to grade school, jr high, and high school with him!?!? How crazy was that?! Anyways, he pulls up a vehicle . . . it ALSO needs gas!? BUT, does he say, sorry we can't test drive it? NO, he says, we'll just have to go get some . . he gets the paperwork needed from inside and we head out! Woohoo!

Now, in the reviews I've read about the Escape, mentions are made of the "cheap" look inside and the lack of power . . well, I'm looking for something basic to keep the price down and gas mileage up and I won't be hauling a trailer or anything but yarn and an ez up tent . . . so, those two things really weren't on my radar--the inside was pretty basic and a little plasticy--but, honestly, i didn't care . . . I LOVED how I felt driving it . . it felt small and maneuverable like a car, but I was higher up than a car, and the cargo space was pretty reasonable, especially with the back seats down. I really did like it. I probably would have bought it on the spot, but I was smart and tried to take it slow . . .

Back at the dealership, I received a quote for the car that I felt (having done some research) was pretty good. I know I always worry that I'm getting screwed over somehow, but the price they were quoting me for a vehicle with some options I didn't really want (6-cd changer, upgrade on the wheels, roof rack w/out center rails, cruise control, and a couple other things) seemed to be close to one for a vehicle without those options. Plus the $1500 in rebates, and an additional $835 in discounts . . and I felt "okay" about it . . . I do know that they didn't seem to try and do some of the slick maneuvering I read about here. For example, we started with the car price, NOT how much I wanted to pay in monthly payments . . . and just the overall feel was very good. (This was true of the Jeep/Ford/Chevy dealerships I went to, which are actually all owned/operated by the same OVERALL dealer, so I think they probably work off of a similar philosophy.)

ANYWAYS, loved the car but still wanted to drive the Chevy Equinox and the RAV4 . . . though I was slowly starting to eliminate the RAV4 based on the jackass salesman and the fact that I didn't really like the feel/look of it . . .

I did end up driving the Equinox, but it felt so heavy and lumbering . . . I could tell I was in an SUV and just didn't feel as comfortable driving it.

SO, Tuesday morning arrives. I'm supposed to use Scott's car for work, but first I want him to see the Escape to make sure I'm not missing anything really obvious . . . so we go for another test drive. We also do some measuring and realize that the EZ Up tent will be a tight squeeze, but much more doable than in my Prizm. He does point out a few minor things about the cargo space, but in the end we (I?) decide that I'm willing to deal with them for the other things i like about the car.

I want to buy the car right then, but thought I should really give the RAV4 a chance . . .

but, on our way out of the dealership I start to have some really bad stomach rumblings, so instead insist on going home.

Where, in between visits to the bathroom, emailing in for another sick day at work, I do MORE research and read MORE information about the cars I'm considering.

And, I pretty much decide I want the Escape. I hope that my stomach settles down enough to be able to get back to the dealership before they close, as my salesman won't be in again until Friday. My hope was to get the details on financing/etc., so that on Friday all i would have to do is give them my down payment check and drive off in my new car!

And, that is pretty much what happened. I returned later, around 5:30-6pm . . . and of course the financing part of it wasn't very fun. I went in knowing my credit score, that it was good but not great . . . before going i had called my bank for information, and as it turned out, financing via the dealer meant i was financing via my bank anyways!? I ended up with a rate not as low as my first car loan (or scott's from 2 years ago) but also not as bad as it could have been given my credit rating. I did have a few things going for me, though--nice sized down payment and debt-to-income ratio that is pretty darn good . . .

so, well, after that stress, and waiting and all that . . . I signed on the dotted line . . . a bunch of times . . . and now I am the proud new owner of a black Ford Escape! I will be posting pictures as soon as I get it, because of course I didn't have the down payment check yet because the money was in limbo between my savings and checking accounts! Friday morning I'll be going to the bank, getting the check, then going to pick up my new car!!

While it is going to mean a very strict FIBER diet, it also is such a relief knowing my car issue is taken care of now. I won't have to worry about for awhile and Scott and I can both start a regular house-savings plan so that we still will be able to get into a house eventually . . .

wow, i think this is the longest post i've ever done! i know it is long and rambly, but, oh well . . . it's what is on my mind today!


Now, all I can hope is that I can get back to some spinning and knitting so that I have new products for the new year! I've got to get selling, after all, I have a car payment now!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's the end of the year . . . almost!

So, I have officially survived my "show season", but just barely! Last week, I was sick . . . I'm pretty sure with the flu. The 24 hours before my FINAL show of the year . . . I was in bed. I really wanted to have new things for Art vs Craft, but I just couldn't . . . I had to rest and pretty much just hoped that by Saturday morning I was well enough to do the show . . . miraculously, I was okay enough and my final show of the year went pretty well. Though, I am going to publicly admit that I like the MSOE location better (much more functional--bigger spaces, easier to navigate, and better lighting) and also the November date better (just seems that the closer to Christmas it gets, the less-good I do at shows!) . . . but, all in all, I'd have to say it was another successful show and a good way to end the year. I have to thank the wonderful buyers who came out and also the great sellers next to me who helped me out in ways that definitely made it easier to get through, given the fact I really wasn't 100% healthy. (they were Tall Poppies Jewelry and Dee Dee Jewelry (website coming soon).

So now my energies will be focused on my etsy store and own website. I have added a TON of new items to the SALE SECTION on my website, and on etsy have created a new Sale Priced Hand Knits section to go with the Sale Priced Yarn section. These sale sections will only be around until December 31! I will probably be adding a few more items up until then, as well.

But, one item I probably will not be discounting is my new Hello Kitty Grrlz Yarn! I plan on doing a lot more of these, but for now here is a picture of the latest, Pink Mint Kitty Yarn

This yarn was really hard to photograph--it is shades of light pink and mint green, with some darker almost-olive green sections, and it is spun from super soft merino wool. It has tons of novelty yarns and fibers spun in, along with lots of sparkling angelina. It is plied with two threads (pink and mint green) strung with 32 Hello Kitty Face beads and 33 Swarovski crystals in Rose and Peridot. It is 92 yards and might just be enough to squeeze a hat and scarflette or neckwarmer out of--or just a thicker scarf.

Now that my shows are over for the year, I will be busy planning my shows for next year, and also coming up with new items! Along with the Hello Kitty Grrlz yarns, I am hoping to have some new hand knits (with the bamboo yarn I've been spinning!) and also hope to get the Summer Triangle shawls online this year--last year they were hot sellers at shows, but I never really got them online (except for one that sold right away!). I'm also hoping to offer smaller mini-skeins for those who may use yarn for other art projects, free form crochet, scrapbooking, etc. These will be small skeins of between 10-30 yards and may be offered individually or in lots.

And, finally, in the new year I am hoping to become a more regular blogger! I was doing well for awhile, but then the shows started happening and I really started slacking on the blog front. So, hopefully, I will be a more regular poster now and in the new year!

But, for now, work is calling!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Art vs Craft in Milwaukee, WI!
CLICK HERE for all the important information!

The basics:
Saturday, December 8 from 10am-7pm
Scottish Rite Masonic Center
790 N. Van Buren Street
Downtown Milwaukee

I will be in the LOWER LEVEL, booth number 76.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My TV Debut!

Ha, okay, I have found out that the footage from the interviews on Sunday (as promotion for the High Noon Saloon Holiday Craftacular) are online HERE. Look on the right side and I am in the segment "Live from the Christmas Craftacular Part 2". :)

Speaking of the Craftacular, it was another great show!! Naomi and Emily do such a great job getting this show set up and promoted--I really feel scoring the TV time helped a lot! There were quite a few people who came to the show on Sunday and specifically said they saw it on TV! It was another fun show, too, with great vendors and wonderful customers! I can't wait for the next one.

In other news, I will be doing my SECOND to LAST SHOW of the YEAR this SATURDAY! It is the 34th Annual ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR held at UW-Parkside in KENOSHA, WI this Saturday, December 1. The show runs from 10am-3pm and is in the Main Campus Complex. I will be in booth number 57 on the Union Bridge. If you are in the area, come on by!

I'd also like to add a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all my craft show and online customers that have made this year so so good! I appreciate you all and hope you will continue to check out Kitty Grrlz. (There will be lots more new "stuff" in 2008--like a monthly newsletter, more bamboo, free patterns with purchases, and more! See my next post for more!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm going to be on TV!?

So, wow, I'm kinda freaking out a little . . . I'm going to be on TV this weekend! Let me explain . . .

This weekend is the High Noon Saloon Holiday Craftacular in Madison, Wisconsin. A great Indie craft show, it runs from 10am-4pm on Saturday, November 24 and Sunday, November 25 at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E. Washington Street. For more information CLICK HERE.

SO, apparently the organizers (Naomi of Glitterworkshop and Emily of EKRA) do an amazing job of getting the word out about this show. Last year, there was an article in the Sunday newspaper, and this year . . . they are getting even more press . . . and will be on the NBC15 Weekend Live show on the Sunday morning of Craftacular (November 25). They will be doing satellite interviews with Naomi, Emily . . . and ME! I believe I will get to talk a little about the show, but mostly about spinning! Yay!

But, I admit I am freaking out a little. I know my enthusiasm is great but I'm worried I will ramble too much! But, how cool!! I am excited and just know this will be a great show! (But if anyone has any helpful tips for the TV interview, I'd love the hear them!)

Speaking of great shows, the DIY Trunk Show was last weekend (Saturday, November 17 in Chicago) and it was FABULOUS! So many great people came out to support handmade! And, what was especially cool was I had return customers! People who saw me last year and came back to find me this year! I am so thankful and happy for this . . . and of course all of the new buyers as well! It's funny, I almost thought about not applying for the Trunk Show this year . . . but I'm so glad I did. The Chicago Craft Mafia put on a wonderful event and I hope they do it again next year!

In other news, here are just a couple quick pictures of some new items:

Okay, I better go now . . . don't forget . . . if you are in the Madison area-- CRAFTACULAR THIS WEEKEND!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's time for the DIY TRUNK SHOW!

So, 3 years ago, I did my very first Big Craft Show. It was the DIY Trunk Show in Chicago, Illinois. I was making jewelry at the time and did the show as the "Crafty Librarians". I had beautiful items from several librarians from across the country! It was a great show! AND!! (this is the most important thing!) . . .

I LEARNED HOW TO KNIT AT THAT SHOW! :) The local Stitch n Bitch group was giving lessons up on the stage in the Auditorium. Our spot was very near there and since it is was quiet at first (and, a fellow librarian was there helping me) I went up to get my free lesson. They provided acrylic yarn and metal needles. They showed the cast on and then the knitting. I was all thumbs, seriously. I never thought I would get it! I felt like an idiot and was sure the girl trying to teach me thought I was too. BUT . . . when I got home I went out and bought some purple yarn (they had given me yellow, not really my favorite color) and started knitting. I just knit and knit and knit . . . I ended up knitting a long rectangular object that today most resembles a table runner (yes, I do still have it!).

THAT was the beginning. I jumped into knitting full speed ahead and by the next year at the very same show (2005 DIY Trunk Show), I was there with HAND KNIT items. Lots of them. AND, I wore the SWEATER that I knit. My enthusiasm was probably just a little toxic as I told *everyone* who would listen that, why, yes, I did knit my sweater, AND I LEARNED HOW TO KNIT AT THIS SHOW!" ;) You can actually see me and my racks of scarves in this picture. (The picture is actually from the 2006 show!)

But, you say, don't you spin now more than knit? Well, yes, I probably do. BUT, had I never learned to knit . . . I wouldn't have come across the YARN WENCH. In the summer of 2006, a fellow librarian forwarded a link to her Pirate Yarns. I was definitely intrigued as at that time, well, I was a horrible yarn cheapskate! First, I didn't like wool and tended to stay away from it. Second, I wouldn't spend more than $3-5 on a ball of yarn. Horrible! Anyways, I bought one of Lynn's Pirate Yarns, THIS ONE as a matter of fact, and I was hooked! It was SO SOFT! (I didn't know wool could be so soft!) and I just became entranced by her art yarns! Now, I still use the occasional craft store yarn, but using handspun has definitely spoiled me and I do prefer it over any other kind!

Then, she started selling handdyed fiber, and of course the wheels were turning . . . if I could buy the fiber and spin my own, then I could sell the yarn AND the knit items WITH MY OWN yarn! It just sounded so fun . . .

And, so, that's what I did. I took a class last December and bought my wheel December 17, 2006. I haven't even been spinning a year and yet I feel like I've been doing it forever! I DO love it, and, really, when you think about it, IT'S ALL THANKS TO THE DIY TRUNK SHOW!


So, please consider stopping by! It is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17 from 10am-6pm at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, 1419 W. Blackhawk, Chicago, IL. For lots more information and a list of vendors, CLICK HERE.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Christmas in the Country Craft and Art Show

Another weekend, another show!

This SATURDAY, November 10 (tomorrow!) I will be at the Christmas in the Country Craft & Art Show in Deerfield, Wisconsin. It is at the new elementary school -- 340 West Quarry Street -- in Deerfield, WI.

The show runs from 9am-3pm
$1 admission for adults, kids are free!

**Make and Take Craft Workshop for kids!
**Afternoon Visit from SANTA!

Concessions and free babysitting service available throughout the day!

If you are in the area, come on by!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Bleeding Heart! Scarf

So, quite awhile ago now I spun up some yarn for a friend. It was a worsted weight 2ply spun from Falkland wool dyed by the Yarn Wench, color called "My Bleeding Heart". My friend knit a scarf from it, and I thought I would post some pictures of it!

It was knit on size 8 or 9s, and she started with two skeins for a total of about 300 yards, with quite a bit left over.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

CRAFTED! in Palatine, IL November 4

Yes, I know once again I have been slacking on the blog front. I've just been busy and not feeling well, and just all around distracted, I guess! I do want to post about an upcoming show, though, that is THIS SUNDAY!!

CRAFTED! in Palatine, Illinois!
It is at Durty Nellies and will be a great place to start your holiday shopping!
It is from 9am-4pm and there will be a masseuse on-site offering chair massages!

For more information, CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Busy weekend--lots of new yarns!

So, I was pretty busy this past weekend. I did do a craft show, that, well, wasn't good. I only sold *one* thing!? It was the first time I didn't at least make my fee back! But, I do have to say it was a really well-organized and nicely run show. They did something that I thought was really nice, and especially helpful since I usually do shows alone--they included"menus" for their food items in our packets . . . and came around and collected our orders and then . . . . delivered us lunch! Very nice!

While at the show, I spun up a yarn! I listed it last night, and it has actually already sold, but here is a picture anyways:

It was spun from domestic wool and Navajo plied. The wool was handdyed by The Yarn Wench.

After the show, I tried to relax and actually fell asleep early . . . only to wake up around 10:30 pm . . . and decided to spin up the fiber I had prepped at the show . . . these are two single ply skeins spun from domestic wool also dyed by the Yarn Wench. The colorway was called "Broken Heart".
Then, on Sunday, my goal was to spin up the handdyed merino wool I got from TerraBellaSpun. The first was called "Nights of Armor", and from it, novelty yarns, lots of silver and gray angelina, and thread, I spun up two skeins of "Gothic Valentine".

The second batch of wool was called "Autumn". The first half, I spun and plied with Online Linie Smash eyelash yarn, which happened to match *perfectly*!

And, the second half, I spun into a thick/thin single, spun in the remaining eyelash yarn, and plied with thread:

And, finally, there was the 8 oz of Bamboo Fiber I got from the FiberLady. These colors just spoke to me, and I spun a simple single ply from each batch:
Here is a shot of the weekend's work!
As always, you can see more pictures HERE ON FLICKR, and these yarns will soon be listed on MY WEBSITE and/or ETSY!

Monday, October 22, 2007

New Sale Section on Etsy!

I know, once again, that I have been slacking on the blogging front. I hope to get back to a daily or at least every-other-day routine of posting here. Since I spun up almost 2 pounds of fiber this past weekend, I should have lots of new things to share in the upcoming days.

But, today, I want to announce that from now until December 31, 2007, I will have SALE SECTION on my etsy site! (as well as a sale section on my own website).

I will be rotating in selected handspun yarns and reduce their price. These will most likely be older yarns that I have had for awhile and don't think I would be knitting up before the end of the year.

You can check it out HERE, and don't forget to check in regularly as I will rotate in new yarns at least once a week! (I've already sold one today!)

Friday, October 12, 2007


I know I have been very much the slacker blogger lately, and there's actually been a lot going on - trip to Vegas, car issue, spinning lots of new yarns . . . but I really only have time today to say, if you are in the CHICAGO AREA and love yarn and knitting/crocheting, PLEASE consider checking out YARN CON! It is Saturday, October 13 from 10am-4pm at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse (1419 W. Blackhawk St) in Chicago, IL. For more information, please check out the website HERE.

I will be there with lots of handspun yarns, some brand new that aren't even on etsy or my website yet! (and, won't be until after the show)

With vendors and workshops, plus some special guests, this will be THE place for yarn lovers this weekend! ;)

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Autumn Mountain Morning

Every now and then I spin a yarn that I truly truly love and think is the *best* *yarn* *ever*. I mean, I love all of my yarns, but sometimes . . . well, sometimes everything (the fiber, the novelty yarns, the locks, the glitz, whatever) all comes together so perfectly . . . that it's like a dream. Well, this week I spun one of those yarns. First, I'll recall the last yarn I felt this way about--

Tequila Sunrise Handspun Art Yarn (unfortunately I didn't have my cool new camera so this pic isn't very good!)

Oh, and I also thought this one worked out really well, too:

Now, here is the most recent, Autumn Mountain Morning. This is two skeins of art yarn spun from handdyed merino wool from the Yarn Wench, in colors I absolutely love! Then, I spun in a variety of novelty yarns, lots of angelina, Cotswold and Romney locks, and plied it with thread. Here are shots of both skeins.
For more pictures, you can check out my flickr pages. Both skeins are on etsy HERE and HERE. I simply love it!

Now, I am taking a break from spinning the art yarns and am working on a Navajo ply again. Should have at least one colorway (two skeins) done by the weekend and may even have another colorway done before my vacation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spinning frenzy!

So, I have been on a spinning frenzy the past couple of days! After knitting 4 pairs of wristwarmers and a couple of scarves last week in preparation for my show on Saturday, I am finally getting back to the spinning!

Saturday, at the Apple Harvest Festival, I spun up the single for this Navajo plied yarn. (It was plied on Sunday.) It is spun from handdyed merino wool from the Yarn Wench, of course. Colorway called "Shadow Dance". Shadow Dance is on etsy HERE.

Then, I spun up two quick singles from some beautiful merino wool from copperpot.etsy.com
And, I also finished spinning the second half of the Burning Down the House Falkland roving from the Yarn Wench, into Autumn Harvest. This one is on etsy now!

Then, on Sunday night, I also spun up "Club Med 2", handdyed merino wool from the Yarn Wench. Two skeins--one plied with Moda Dea Cheri yarn and the other plied with thread. Both have novelty yarns and Cotswold locks spun in!

That was all done on Sunday! What a day of spinning! This is what I wish I could do *every* day!

Then, yesterday, didn't have as much time, but did spin up another set of art yarns from more handdyed merino wool from the Yarn Wench. This colorway was "Coneflower 2", and I am calling these two yarns "Autumn Mountain Morning". They both have novelty yarns, Cotswold and Romney locks, and angelina spun in and are plied with thread!

Most of these will be on my site later today and may be on etsy later this week. I won't have anything new next week as I'll be on vacation in Las Vegas, but when I return I hope to get some more yarns done for YarnCon which is October 13! I am done with outdoor shows for the season (woohoo!) but still have 7 indoor shows before the end of the year.