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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

wait, is it tuesday already?

where did Monday go?? ;)

Well, I meant to post yesterday with some new yarns but I just didn't get a chance. This morning I want to quick post some pics, starting with this one . . .

I love this picture . . . I don't usually like my pictures and I have been struggling with improving them for my etsy listings. But, I took this one yesterday and for some reason - I just really like it!! These were yarns that I spun up on Sunday. Yes, it was a busy spinning weekend and I loved it! I also spun 4 skeins on Saturday - but they all sold right away! I was so happy. Sunday was actually the best sales day I think I have ever had! THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers!!! Even though they sold, here is a peak at the yarns from Saturday:

yes, that is more "Plum Grove" . . . I love this color. I have said I won't do anymore . . . but I do have some fiber that is similarly colored - but much more "bright" - the green is such a bright (almost neon) green and the purple just *pops*! I can't wait to spin it but am waiting just a little bit - I have novelty yarns coming from multiple sources and would like to change it up and include some *different* novelties that are the brighter, more vivid colors to match the wool. But, I am rambling . . .

The other two in the picture were supposed to be my EtsyFAST March challenge entries, the theme of which is "Fairy Tales". I called the skeins "Irish Fairy Tale" as I thought it would also fit in with St. Patrick's Day in March. Here are closer pics of them:

But, enough about yarns that are no longer available . . .how about some NEW yarns?? Here are the ones from Sunday, all of which are now on etsy (and will be up on my website soon).

First, are the "Strawberry Cheesecake" and "Strawberry Shortcake" bulky 2-ply skeins. I've been wanting to try this for awhile - spin a thick/thin merino wool single and then ply it with a thinner spun merino/silk single for sort of a "squishy" almost-boucle style thick/thin bulky two ply. Naomi tried it with just two differently spun strands of merino, and it turned out squish-a-licious! Here is her "Andromeda":
So, this was my plan, but with the thinner strand being merino/silk. Here is the larger skein, 88 yards, "Strawberry Cheesecake":

And, the smaller, 56 yards, "Strawberry Shortcake":

And, since I had some remaining merino/silk, I Navajo-plied it for this small, mini skein of 54 yards of Navajo 3-ply:

I love how the merino/silk looks spun up like this and think I will have to do more! I have a couple other colorways from the Yarn Wench in this merino/silk blend . . .

Then, there was something bright and fun - and sooo soft! These two skeins were spun from superwash merino wool (dyed by the Yarn Wench, of course!) and I spun in some bright orange, some lighter purple and one blue yarn - then plied with purple and orange thread. These skeins are seriously so soft and silky!
So, that was my weekend! Lots and lots of spinning . . .

And, I tried to keep the momentum going last night - here is a sneak peak at the new yarns that will be listed later today. Two skeins. Both spun from merino wool with novelty yarns spun in and plied with variegated thread.

Okay, that's all I have time for this morning! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A few things this morning . . .

First, here are the new yarns that I listed yesterday! Click on the pictures to take you to the etsy listing, or you can check them out at KittyGrrlz.Com

Inconsistent Spring Hand Spun Single Ply Yarn - this one was spun from nice and soft Falkland wool hand dyed by the Yarn Wench, color called "Bower". It ended up a little less consistent than I like, even for a thick/thin single, so it varies between DK and Worsted weight. 150 yards.

Pretty Purple Pansies - spun from a pretty batt from TerraBellaSpun - this one has merino, superwash, wool, bamboo, gold sparkle, and white glitz and then is plied with light purple thread. 78 bulky yards.

And, then there is Woodland Royalty - an earthy skein in browns with gorgeous deep purple and plied with dark purple thread. This one is spun from another TerraBellaSpun batt made up of wool, mohair, bamboo, sparkle, and Tussah Silk. 66 bulky yards.
Second . . . I was on the front page earlier this week, overnight, with my Plum Grove revisited yarn. And, then, I was on AGAIN last night with the same yarn, but this time it sold!! I was so excited since this is the first time that has happened! Woohoo! Here is a screenshot of the treasury (and i'm sorry i couldn't get the entire thing - i don't have a big monitor!) Thank you to crafthabit for creating such a beautiful treasury and for including me in it!

Also, for anyone who may be interested in the Plum Grove yarn but missed out on it - I do have 4 more oz of fiber that could be spun into a similar yarn. I am running out of some of the yarns I spin into it, but could spin two more skeins in this color combination. Just email me or convo me on etsy for details!

Finally, no Lego Star Wars last night as I was a little slow in getting my "work" done - but, I will have two skeins of a pretty shades-of-green-and-yellow-and-gold posted later today - here is a sneak peek:

Have a great Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Wednesday randomness . . .

First - I think there were two dead rock stars turning over in their graves last night as Randy Jackson compared an American Idol contestant (who had just sung "Light My Fire") to Michael Hutchence. Oh my. What would Jim think? Of course, I really don't even consider that one of "his" songs, but rather the lame top-40 hit by Robby Krieger . . . to say nothing of what Michael Hutchence would think being compared to just another wannabe rockstar. (Okay, I will admit that they guy wasn't *that bad*, but he was *definitely* NO Jim OR Michael!)

Second - I listed three yarns yesterday! Click on the pictures to go to their listing on etsy, or go to my website.

Hello Princess Kitty Grrlz Hand Spun Art Yarn (94 yards)

Hello Easter Kitty Grrlz Hand Spun Art Yarn (88 yards)
Easter, baby Hand Spun Art Yarn (78 yards)
Third - I spun *three* yarns last night! Woohoo! I don't have pictures because I didn't take the time to take them before setting the twists/washing, so I will have pictures of them this afternoon, and they will be listed then, too. There are a little less "exciting" than these art yarns, but I needed to spin something that was a little less time-consuming - I love the kitty yarns, but spinning in the novelty yarns and the plying with beads all take extra time. The plying, especially, has been taking longer because of how many beads I am now using! Anyways, the new yarns are two new boucle-style art yarns - pretty batts spun into a single ply and then plied with thread. The third yarn is a pretty single ply in lavender, greens, and other spring colors.

Fourth - I have a confession to make. One of the reasons I have been "slacking" is . . . I have become a little obsessed with the STAR WARS Lego game!?!?!? This is very much not like me. But, the story goes - I bought the PS3 for my boyfriend for Christmas/his birthday . . . since he was spending so much time playing by himself, he suggested we get the Star Wars Lego game so we could play something together. Well, at first I didn't think I would want to play . . . but I did . . . Unfortunately, he didn't like playing with me! I was too slow and just had a different overall way of playing that was driving him crazy. So, I ended up playing through the game by myself. But, now that we've "finished" it, we are both going back and re-playing the levels to find all the "stuff". This means that I've been playing at night and on the weekends when I really should be working. There, I admitted it!

One cool aside about the game - there was a trailer for an Indiana Jones game!! I am excited! I think it will be very cool and fun. It comes out this summer. Need to have the Star Wars game "done" by then! ;) It also got me thinking - you know what would make a TOTALLY KICK ASS Lego game????? BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER! :) Like Star Wars, you have so many characters and character variations you could play as! And, like, Buffy could have different skills/powers than Willow, and the vampires would have their powers - you could play as Angel or Angelous . . . or Spike with or without a soul . . or crazy Drusilla . . . just an endless amount of possibilities there!

ANYways . . . I think that is it, but even if not it is once again all I have time for!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's my birthday . . .

today! I feel old. Sort of. I used to make such a big deal about my birthday, but I guess I am finally getting to the point where I would like to stop counting so it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore . . .

In honor of my birthday (ha!) I took yesterday off from work. I shouldn't have because it was the last of my personal/comp/sick time . . . but, I felt I needed a sort of "mental health day", or rather a "get motivated, damnit!" day! I have been really slacking lately and didn't get much accomplished last week at all, and even though I stayed home from my show this weekend, I didn't get much done then, either. (Well, okay, I did vacuum and do laundry, both of which were sorely overdue!) But, I haven't done many new yarns so really wanted to get back into the "spin of things"!

So . . . I did. I spun up 3 new yarns. Two new Hello Kitty yarns, and one other one. I also got a few others ready to go so that I should be able to get back to my 1-2 a night schedule, with more getting done on the weekend.

Here are the 3 new yarns from yesterday - these pics aren't the best because they were taken later yesterday, but I should have better ones this afternoon. I plan on listing all 3 on my website later today, and the first two will be on etsy as well.

Hello Easter Kitty & Easter Baby yarns - both of these were spun from hand dyed Falkland wool (dyed by the Yarn Wench), with novelty yarns spun in. The kitty yarn is plied with a Lang yarns nylon yarn, which is strung with 60 Hello Kitty beads in yellow, pink, and purple, as well as 34 other beads. The other skein is plied with three threads - pale pink, pale yellow, and pale light purple.

Then, there is Hello Princess Kitty - a typical girly yarn in perfect Hello Kitty colors of pink, purple, and white. It was spun from a batt called "Candy Hearts" from TerraBellaSpun. It has lots of novelty yarns, AND ribbon, spun in and then is plied with two variegated threads (pink/white and purple/white) strung with 62 Hello Kitty face beads (31 each of pink and purple). Definitely prettier in person:
So, that was the work from yesterday! Yay! And, most importantly, I definitely feel back to normal and think I will get a lot of new yarns done this week!

And, now, for a few kitty pictures . . . the first is of Bug deciding to sleep right by the cooler that is on our couch which is catching the water that was leaking from the ceiling yesterday. I really don't know why she has to be right in the middle of messes! The second is here snoozing with my niddy noddy - which can't make a comfortable pillow!

Oh! One more picture - this yarn was a special request from one of my best customers ever - She wanted a yarn in the orange/yellow colors of a California Poppy. She sent me a picture, and I tried and this is what I came up with:
It has 6 novelty yarns spun in - but instead of alternating the orange and yellow colors, I spun in the oranges in a row, then the yellows in a row, to try and show the way the flower went from being darker orange on the bottom to yellow near the top. I wasn't so sure about this one at first, but it has grown on me so much, I might do one similar - I have some fiber that is sort of the same (not exact) and I have run out of one of the yarns I used - but I am thinking of using the eyelash yarns to spin in, but then plying with the other novelty yarns I spun into this one. We'll see. It's about 4th on my most immediate "to spin" list . . .

Okay, I think that's it, and if not, too bad, because it's all I have time for! :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday already . . . .

and I really don't have much to show for the week! Very sad. I have just been so tired . . . and the weather is just killing me . . .

speaking of . . . we are expecting another snow storm on Sunday. Given the frigid temperatures, the fact I may be getting sick yet again, and the predicted snow . . . I will most likely NOT be at the show I was supposed to be at this weekend. I just don't feel it is worth the extra driving risk PLUS the potential of me getting sick yet again. I hate this. I hate having to bail out on something I agreed to . . . but . . . gah. I still have about 5 hours to decide for sure . . .

I knit another pair of wristwarmers last night, but once again no spinning! If I do skip the show this weekend, I will have lots of time to spin, I hope! I'll also get a chance to take pictures of the knit items I've finished this week . . .

Otherwise, I don't have much to say today! But, since I can't have a post without any pictures, here are a couple yarns (all of which are still available) . . .

Here is one that is about to expire on etsy - It is the most yardage I've gotten for a Navajo 3-ply, and is in the very popular colorway "Andromeda" from Lynn aka the Yarn Wench. This was the *first* batch of this color that has since been repeated but *never* quite the same!
And, here is the only two-ply yarn I currently have (even though I guess it could *technically* be called a 3-ply, since it has two strands of handspun wool and one strand of metallic thread plied together!

And, finally, here are the 3 Hello Kitty Grrlz yarns I currently have available. Another one is on the horizon soon - this one in pretty purples, pinks, and yellows - which I'm hoping to have done this weekend.

Hello Fuchsia Sunshine Kitty
Hello Sweet Kitty
Hello I love you Kitty
If there is a Hello Kitty Grrlz yarn color combination you would like to see, please let me know!

Okay, now I better get back to work!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I actually don't have much to say this morning. It is snowing. Again. But, oh well.

I spun up another skein of the "PlumGrove Revisited" last night! It is 98 yards, here is a shot I took last night before setting the twist:

I am waiting to hear if this and/or the other skein are spoken for, but if not, they will be listed later today.

I DID decide to list the coily yarn I posted about yesterday. "All the Pretty Coils" is now available on etsy:
Even though I will be tempted to spin tonight (and I just might sneak in a little bit of it!) my plan is to knit. I have a show again this weekend (well, I'm *supposed* to have a show this weekend - but it will very much depend on the weather as I'm not going to make the 5+ hour drive if we are getting yet another snowstorm!) so really want to finish up a couple of knit things. I want to have at least one shawl, and finish the scarf I started the other night. Plus, I want at least one more pair of wristwarmers . . . so, it will most likely be more knitting for me tonight!

Monday, February 11, 2008

So, it's Monday . . .

and I really do want to blog. Really. I do. But I'm so cranky that I just feel like anything I write will be so negative . . . and I try to avoid that . . . really. I do! ;)

so . . .

The Valentine Craftacular was this past Saturday and as always it was fun! I had fewer sales this year compared to last year, but I'm just so grateful that it was better than the show I did in January. AND, even a slow day at the Craftacular ends up being fun because of the atmosphere, and of course the other great sellers!

This time, I bought a couple of things. I usually don't. Especially since I sort of need all of my sales money now . . . but, I broke down and bought a beautiful hand-dyed (tie-dyed!) scarf and a pair of bright orange/yellow/pink socks from HipKidsTyeDye! The colors are just so amazingly vibrant! And the scarf is just beautiful!

I was also, once again, next to Lulu from Lulu's Stabby Critters! It is amazing the fun critters she felts and she had some new creatures just for Valentine's Day! I was sad to hear she sold her "Princess Leia" though! (but, good for her, of course)

But. The weather. God I am so sick of the weather. So sick of snow and winter and wind chill advisories! My drive home from Madison was very stressful. It was snowing, which wasn't so totally bad, it was nothing like the foot we got last week - but, it was blowing and causing issues on the freeway, and of course other drivers. So, by the time I got home my neck/shoulders were one big knotted mess of stress!

AND! We were supposed to go out for a friend's birthday . . . we still did, actually, and I'm glad. Since I am usually ravenous when I get home from a show it worked out great - we had a really nice dinner and I was able to get a nice girly drink to relax just a little. Then we went bowling. Yes, bowling. Even though I actually once took a bowling class in college (I was basically looking for a cheap/easy class to take to retain my "student" status so I could keep my job at the library) I still kinda suck at it. I did score over 100, though, 2 out of 3 games and by the last game I was so tired that it was amazing I could even get the ball down the lane . . .

Now, I do want to say that I wouldn't have done any of this if I had had to drive far - but all of this fun happened within 5 minutes of home, so . . . low risk since by then it had stopped snowing. Still cold, of course!

Hmmm . . . so Sunday was supposed to be a spinning day! And . . . I did nothing! Okay, I actually spun one yarn:

why, yes, it may look familiar as it is another "version" of the Plum Grove/Plum Lime skeins that have been so popular. I actually love this color combination and this one, especially, seemed to turn out really . . . intense? The fiber (dyed for me by Lynn aka the Yarn Wench) was darker than previous batches, so I used that as an opportunity to go a little wild in the yarns I chose to spin in - I used more purple yarns this time as well as burgundy yarns, along with some new green ones as well. I believe this skein may be spoken for but I have 6 more oz and do plan on doing them similar to this one since I do like how it turned out.

I did do a little bit of knitting, but this skein is all I have to show for the weekend! :(

Oh, wait! I do have another yarn - this is a coily yarn that I spun while at the Craftacular on Saturday. I usually spin Navajo 3-ply yarns while at shows, but this time, I decided to do something a little different! I spun up one of the coily "beehive" yarns!

This is spun from "Getaway", a domestic wool also hand dyed by the Yarn Wench. Turned out different than what I expected but I do like it. This one *might* be listed tonight OR it *might* become my first "WIN THIS YARN" skein! Not sure yet.

And, just because I don't have a lot to show today, I thought I would post this picture of what is probably my current favorite yarn! "Violets Are Blue" art yarn with coils & beehives!

So, that's is it from me for today! And, I think I got through this post without 1. another rant about the weather 2. a rant about the fact i have no more sick time or vacation time so am not sure how i'm going to survive the next 4-1/2 months and 3. a rant about stupid drivers.

So, yay! ;)

Friday, February 8, 2008

This Weekend! Valentine Craftacular!

Don't forget! This Saturday, February 9 is the Valentine Craftacular at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, Wisconsin! Despite the crazy snow we had this week - I WILL BE THERE!!! If you are in the area I hope you come by!

Also, my newsletter subscribers have a special discount they can use at the show - so if you'd like to become a newsletter member - just email me! I only send out ONE email a month and there is always at least one special or discount for NEWSLETTER Subscribers only! These are the *only* specials I usually offer now!

In other news . . . no yarns spun last night but I did knit a pair of wristwarmers for the show this weekend. My plan is to do one more pair tonight, finish a scarf and that will probably be it. I'll be getting back to the spinning wheel on Sunday, for sure . . .

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Going for four!

Four days in a row of posting, that is! Amazing!

So, we got a ton of snow yesterday. As in about a foot in most areas, some more! I stayed home from work as there was no way I was driving my normal 35-40 minute commute. Others opted to stay home, too, and even though *every* other place was closed, our college was open - as were the public schools in that area. The college did, apparently, close the "offices" at 4pm and evening classes were canceled . . . but . . .

I really think it is ridiculous that they were open in the first place, or that the schools were open as well. Anyone who was watching the news or looked at the radar could SEE we were going to get hit. Hard. Yes, there was a question of timing, but still. I might have gotten to work in the morning, but the commute home would have been horrid.

Some people say we are getting to be "wimps" about the weather, and that we should just "deal with it" as we are in a state that gets snow - we should be used to it. But, I personally don't believe we should be risking our lives just to get to our jobs for one day. Or that the lives of all those kids should be put in jeopardy just because the school district is "out of snow days". Seriously. All it would take is one tragic bus accident and then everyone would be saying, "Oh why didn't we close, it's so dangerous, etc., etc., etc.," . . .

Now, obviously there are some people that are needed on days like yesterday - but, is it really so awful that the malls were closed? On a day when there are near-blizzard conditions, should you really be going shopping anyways?? My boyfriend works at a distribution center for a department store - the message for first shift was "The building is open, come in at your own discretion." By third shift, the message was changed and they were offering unpaid time off - but only because they couldn't move trailers because of the snow! Otherwise, they would have been expected to go in or to burn one of their paid personal days! Restaurants were closing, too. And the buses even stopped running by about 5pm because . . . they were getting stuck all over the city! And causing MORE problems for the plows! Of course, the airport was shut down around noon as they couldn't keep the runway clear . . . now, I understand those people stranded at the airport really wanted to get moving - either back home or onto their vacation or business destination . . . but, again, SAFETY FIRST! I really wouldn't want to be on a plane that had problems on the runway, or problems because it wasn't properly de-iced, or problems up in the air because visibility was so bad . . . so . . .

I guess I am a wimp and don't mind that a city shuts down because of a snow storm. It's just one day. And, I truly believe that businesses SHOULD shut down and not put their employees at risk. Keep the "essential" things running and let everyone else take the snow day. AND compensate those who *MUST* work appropriately!

Wow. I didn't mean to ramble on quite so much about this. I guess it is just something that really bothers me. There was a fatal accident right on the stretch of road I drive every day - and it was in the morning, when conditions weren't even as bad as they were later in the afternoon - is it worth that risk?? NO!!!!

ANYways!! Since I WAS home, I managed to get a yarn done! I should have it listed later today! It is called "Violets are Blue", and I have a more regular-art-yarn skein and then a skein with coils & beehives - but both are spun from the same hand dyed merino wool, with novelty and specialty yarns spun in and plied with matching thread. First skein is the coily one, 66 yards 3.2 oz, and the second one is 98 yards, 4.1 oz.

I also got the "Stardust" coils & beehives skein listed. You can see the listing by clicking on the picture!
AND! I know these disappear fast, but I got a "treasury" list on etsy in the "Treasury West" area . . . so, if you happen to see this before Saturday morning please CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day & Donations for Holly!

So, we are getting lots of snow here in Wisconsin so it is home for me today. Not that I don't love my job, but I don't really believe in risking my life just so I can catalog books. And, it seems there are others who share my stay-at-home sentiments since there are TONS of places closed -- including ALL of the area shopping malls!?!?!? I don't know if I ever remember a time when the *malls* closed!! Besides, these kind of snowy blowy days make me just want to stay in . . . and spin! :) So, I will be getting to that soon, but first . . .

Some of you may know HOLLY of HOLLYEQQ.COM (she also has an etsy store, but usually sells wonderful brightly dyed fiber from her website). Well, some of her friends from the fiber community are trying to raise some money for her for some upcoming medical bills . . . for more details, please check out the Homestead Wool & Gift Farm site. They give all the information as well as have wonderful items to purchase and all the proceeds go to Holly. I have two yarns that I have donated (you can click on the pictures to go to the link to buy):

Patience Hand Spun Merino Two Ply

Neon Taffy Song (Neon Holly) Art Yarn

I'll be totally honest and say that I usually don't do things like this, as there is always someone in need . . . but I want to help Holly - she is one of the first "fiber" people I found online and am always cheered by the bright colors she uses and the fun yarns she spins! I feel I "know" her in a way, so want to help and hope that if you love yarns and fibery goodness, you will check out the site and make a purchase to help out!

And, before I get offline to spin, I'll leave with a picture of the two new yarns I spun last night. I haven't had time to take "good" pics today, so this is one from last night - they are both spun from hand dyed merino wool from the Yarn Wench (color called Milkyway), but I am calling them "Midnight Stardust" - the Stardust part coming from the wonderful story by Neil Gaiman.

I should have to top, coily one on etsy later, but I *think* the other one (the art yarn) is already spoken for, which means I need to get spinning so I have something new for tomorrow . . . though I also plan on getting some knitting done today to make the most of my snow day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A few things for Tuesday . . .

First, WOW this is two days in a row I am posting! Woohoo!

As always, I have a few new yarns to share. But, first, I'd like to mention a great blog that I'm currently featured on - MoonDogTreasures. She features some wonderful etsy sellers that offer a variety of handmade goodies, as well as makes some great jewelry herself - here is one of my favorites:
I'd also like to mention another customer of mine that is using my yarns in the wonderful scarves she knits! You can find Phydeaux Designs on etsy, as well as her blog here. She knit this yarn:

into a fabulous scarf! Click on the picture above to see the listing on etsy! Check out her shop for other wonderful cozy scarves, too!

Now, here are the new yarns . . . several of these have already been spoken for, but the others are or will be listed soon. First, two that ARE available and just the perfect thing needed to brighten up these dreary days we've been having! Neon Taffy and Neon Taffy Song are both spun from Falkland wool (dyed by the Yarn Wench) with lots of novelty yarns spun in and plied with colorful thread.

Then, there are the "Last Tango" skeins, also spun from Falkland wool dyed by the Yarn Wench. These two are spoken for, but here is a picture anyways:

Then, there are two I just spun up last night. The first is also already spoken for, and the second will be listed later today. They are both spun from hand dyed merino wool (again, dyed by the Yarn Wench), a color called "Aegean". The first has lots of Cotswold locks spun in and novelty yarns. The locks and two of the yarns were also hand dyed by Lynn aka the Yarn Wench. Plied with green thread. The second is spun and then plied with OnLine Linie "Shari" yarn. Similar to the "Lime Cosmos" skein, except this one - the base fiber is more blue than green.

That's all the new goodies I have for now. Not sure what I'll be spinning next as I've also got to get some knitting done for a show this weekend - it is the HIGH NOON SALOON Valentine CRAFTACULAR in Madison, Wisconsin - at the High Noon Saloon! The Craftacular shows are always fun so I am really looking forward to it! BUT, I do want to have at least a few new knits for it, so I must get going on that this week! I have really been trying to have one new yarn a day, but that may not happen this week as I prepare for the show. We'll see, though . . I always *say* I'm going to knit, but the call of the spinning wheel is too strong, and I end up spinning instead!

Well, I think that is it! Yay for posting two days in a row . . . can I make it 3??

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday morning . . .

and, I've got tons of new yarns to share!

The first set were spun from hand dyed merino wool (dyed by the Yarn Wench), a color called "DoveSong". The first skein was spun into a thicker single, then plied with Joanns Sensations Angel Hair yarn - which is just so soft and heavenly! The second was plied with thread with lots of coils and beehives!

Angel Hair and Dove Songs:

Angel Wings and Dove Songs:
Then, there are the yarns spun from the "Rocketman" color from the Yarn Wench, also merino wool. These colors are very Red-Hat-ish, so I tried to make a fun Red Hat art yarn:

Then, I decided to just do a fun coils & beehives yarn with the remaining fiber:
And, my last Valentine yarns of the season! The first is an art yarn with novelty yarns and plied with thread, spun from merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench. The second is pretty much the same as the first, except it is plied with 3 threads that are strung with *60* Hello Kitty face beads!

Buffy's Valentine:

Hello, I Love You Valentine Kitty:
And, finally, here are two yarns spun from carded batts from TerraBellaSpun.

Cordelia's Wish

So named because this blue reminds me of the color of Cordelia's dress in "The Wish" episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Anya's Charm

Okay, that's all I have time for! I'm hoping to post again later, though . . .