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Sunday, May 31, 2009

DESTASH SUNDAY - Hand Spun Yarns

Here is the last of my monthly May Destash Sundays post. Today, I've got some full skeins of hand spun yarn from other wonderful spinners, as well as a couple of lots of small amounts of handspuns [edited to add - these lots have all been sold already!]. The combined lots may be great for those who use fiber in their art, freeform crocheters, or those who just like to combine or use small amounts of yarns in their projects.

Here are the "rules" -
Each item has a price listed. I prefer paypal payment.
Shipping is FREE in the USA. I prefer not to ship these internationally, but if you live outside the USA and are interested, please email me for shipping costs.
To purchase, please EMAIL ME at kittygrrlzinc@yahoo.com
In the case of multiple requests for the same item, I will go by whoever emailed first.
I will remove items as they are sold.

First item is "Pointillism Purple" hand spun 2ply yarn, dyed and spun by The Yarn Wench. You are going to get TWO skeins for the price of one (I purchased one skein, and later won the other during a blog giveaway Lynn had). One skein = 124 yards, 3.7 oz., 6 wpi and the second skein is 112 yards. From Lynn's description: "A beautiful colorway in purples, navy, khaki, mulberry and every shade in between. Hand-dyed, handspun domestic wool two-ply with subtle touches of angelina. A beauty." PRICE for a total of 236 yards = $31

Next, is another duo from the Yarn Wench, "Soul Sistahs". These are both spun and then plied with Boa yarn. Fun colors and fun yarns! From Lynn's description: "Here are the particulars on each one - Purple Bling is 62 yards, 3.5 oz., and 6 wpi. It is hand-dyed, handspun Bluefaced Leicester and angelina plied up around a commercial boa yarn. Diva is 46 yards, 4.1 oz. and 4 wpi. It is hand-dyed, handspun wool of unknown origin and angelina plied up with a commercial boa. These two yarns are absolutely cuddly soft and would make a wonderful trim on mittens or gloves or used together on a small project." I was going to use them for some fun scarves, and even started on the project. But, given the amount of time I knit, I hope someone else can give the Sistahs a good home! Price for both skeins = $30

Next up is a purple and pink "Skull Skein" from MaterialWhirled. Approximately 85 yards, dark black, purple, and pink, plied with thread strung with skull beads! I also received a skull cap pattern with this skein and will include it along with the yarn. I paid $53, your price = $45

Here is another great skein, this one is from YarnPunk, and one of the most unique skeins I've ever had! I really wanted to knit this one, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon. This is the information from the etsy listing, "139 yds. of recycled flannel spun with vintage thread and assembled fabric skulls backed with woolfelt. This would knit up a bad ass snowboarding hat. Once knit, I recommend stitching down the skulls with a needle and thread so that they lie flat." I paid $44, your price is $39.

Next up is 60 yards of "Waterlilies" - dyed and spun by the Yarn Wench. This is the other half of a large skein. It is super bulky, approximately 6 wraps per inch. Here is more of her description, "A truly beautiful chunky yarn in the colors of Monet's Waterlilies. This skein is composed of domestic wool in greens, golds, and coppers, a ply of Falkland in burgandys and soft plums, and a ply of an Italian ladder yarn in purples, pinks, greens, and coppers. This whole yarn glistens with copper and pink angelina - a beauty!"
Price for 60 yards = $18

BUY MORE THAN ONE of any of the above items and get 10% off.

In addition, here are the specials I'm offering on the previous destash items -

Fiber - 10% off, buy $50 or more and get 15% off
Yarn - buy two or more lots and get 10% off

You can find the fiber posts HERE and HERE and HERE and the yarn post HERE. You can email me at kittygrrlzinc@yahoo.com if you are interested in any of the destash items!

My plan is to keep these items up for about a week, and then next weekend I will begin listing items on etsy. I am most likely going to be listing them in my Kitty Grrlz Knits shop, though, since I have more sections available in that shop.

But, for now, this is the end of my final DESTASH SUNDAYS blog post!


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