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Friday, July 15, 2011

Website problems . . . and Art Yarn of the Month Club

I'm not sure where to post this, but just in case anyone has been trying to get to my KittyGrrlz.Com site - it should now be back up! A couple weeks ago I did some behind-the-scenes maintenance and apparently, messed something up and the site disappeared. I just noticed it today, and believe I have fixed it. It really only serves as a portal to get to my etsy handspun yarn shop, my etsy hand knits shop, flickr, and does have a list of my upcoming shows . . . but, just in case anyone was wondering, I AM still here . . .

Since I'm writing, I also might as well mention that there is ONE spot left for the Art Yarn of the Month Club and I have definitely made it an even better deal - the spot left is for July and August, plus a bonus skein in December . . . BUT you will get TWO skeins for July! That is FOUR skeins for the price of TWO! The listing will only be available until tomorrow morning, so please check it out here if you are interested.