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Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a weekend! (Sheep in the City)

Well, it is Sunday evening and my first show of 2009 is now behind me. It was the Sheep in the City Getaway in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. It was a 3-day event, with classes and knitting and shopping and spinning and cake walks and fashion shows, a sheep to scarf challenge, and more. I'm not going to lie - I really wasn't expecting much sales-wise. Even at fiber/yarn-specific events, I don't always do well. And, given what state the economy is in, and that Milwaukee is one of the more "frugal" places, I just didn't go into the weekend with high expectations. I also taught two classes and was very nervous and worried about them. Add to that the fact I hadn't done a show in 3 months, and i'd say i was less-than-looking-forward to it. Wouldn't sleeping in and spinning at home have been a better way to spend 3 days?

Well, I was wrong to be reluctant - it was a WONDERFUL event! The time seemed to fly by for most of the weekend! My sales were decent and the classes went well enough that I'd consider teaching again. I was also next to two wonderful women, both named Pam, who sold candles, lotions, soaps, etc., - their business being called "Pam's Essentials". (Click on the name to check out their site!) I told them all about etsy and they gave me the name of their tax person! They were also kind enough to watch my booth while I taught my classes, which was very much appreciated. By the end of the weekend, another vendor had them knitting! Not only that, but for a first-time event, I thought the crowd was pretty good - lots of knitters and spinners and crazy fiber people, which you just know if you put them in a conference room together, wackiness will ensue! The organizer, Jan of JustForEwe, kept things rolling and lots of fun, capping off Saturday night with a fashion show and pajama party (okay, i didn't stay for all of the fashion show or the pajama party since i wasn't staying at the hotel, but i can't imagine the night not being a total blast!)

I also had fun teaching, despite being nervous. For the art yarn spinning class, I showed how to core-spin which was something none of them had done before, so I was happy I could share something new. Then, they each spun an art yarn and one of the students (who was taking the beginning spinning class later that afternoon (aside - next time we'll make sure to have the beginning spinning FIRST)) who had NEVER SPUN BEFORE made a fantastic skein of black and purple art yarn!! It was truly amazing, especially since she used MY wheel which was definitely having issues (later that day i actually went to get a screw that had apparently fallen out of my woolee winder!).

The next day (today), I taught the art yarn knitting and one of the students from the spinning class knit up her yarn into the *cutest* baby hat ever!! Another of the knitting students took my final skein of "Sabrina's Vintage Garden" and knit a wonderful cowl! I know my patterns were written a bit oddly, but I was so happy that they were able to complete items within the class time. Another student actually started two projects so she could see how the patterns went.

And, can I just say that having internet access (since it was at a hotel, in their conference room) was FABULOUS!! I could update my site as things sold, and removed items from my table if they sold on etsy. I didn't have much "down time", but I was able to type up my patterns on Saturday night while there, and also checked in on email a little bit during lulls. I wish ALL shows could provide this type of access!

But, now the work really begins. I am down to only 38 items in my etsy shop and 4 of them are gift certificates, one is sold, and a couple are the "spin to order" bamboo listings. I've got custom orders to work on this week, but I also hope to still list at *least* one new yarn daily this week (starting tomorrow! I've got a gorgeous Squish-tastic! done!), and then back to normal next week which means I hope to list 4-8 new yarns each day. Then, March 14 is the Madison Knitter's Guild Knit-In!

I also need to send out my emailed newsletter. I may try and get that out tonight, but it may have to wait until Monday morning as I'm already starting to feel the "crash" that comes after a show. There's a good chance I'll be asleep very soon!

Anyways, thank you to all who stopped by my booth this weekend and I look forward to next year!

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