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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fabulous Finds Made From My Yarn!

Before I get to my new listing and picture for today, I have to share some of my favorite items that have been made with my yarns. Spinning yarn and selling it - that is a great feeling, to know that someone else likes my yarn enough to buy it - but seeing that yarn turned into something wonderful - that feeling is even better! Lately, some really talented people have created some great items with my yarn so today I'm going to share them with you.

First, is Brenda of Phydeaux Designs. She has actually used several of my yarns for her beautifully knit scarves, but this one is my all-time favorite - so lush and gorgeous - she really knows how to get the most out of my art yarns - Here is her "Titania" Scarf knit with "Sabrina's Vintage Garden" art yarn - (great photo courtesy of Brenda)

She also makes the best scarves out of the best hand spun thick n thin single ply yarns out there - those spun by Naomi of Knotty HandSpuns. Seriously, these scarves are amazing - the spinning is exquisite and the knitting equally so! This is one of my recent favorites, "Honey Berry" spun from Naomi's "Plum Honey" hand spun Squoosh Monster thick n thin single ply yarn. (Again, photo courtesy of Brenda)

Today, I was also notified of this great hat knit with my hand spun single ply yarn by Dave at UrbanRagg, also on etsy. I especially like how he combined my yarn with that of another etsian! Such great colors - and he's got lots more to choose from, too! (photo courtesy of UrbanRagg)

Finally, I have to include one of Becca's capelets - She can be found on etsy - HappiKnits and also on Trunkt! What I love most about her items are the elegance and how she uses the art yarns in an understated way to add that perfect little-extra to her designs. Oh, and of course I love this one because of the color! (photo courtesy of Becca)

These are only a few of the wonderful artists who have used my yarns in their creations, but just happen to be my most recent favorites!

And, quickly, here is the latest yarns I listed today - more Plum Divine 2009. This is the last of the fiber I have on hand so I'm not sure when I'll spin this one again - though I'm sure I will at some point! I have two skeins - an 82 yard skein and a smaller, 48-yard skein.


Naomi said...

it is a nice feeling to see how your creations are used and brenda really has a way of showing off handspuns. thanks bobbi for including the one she knit out of my handspun too!

love that hat btw!

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...


and, you know I just love your thick n thins, and that one is just especially amazing!!

Becca said...

Thanks for including me :)
Brenda's scarfs are lovely!

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

thanks, Becca!