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Sunday, March 22, 2009

For YOU, Xanadu!

Tonight I didn't really start working until after 8pm. I prepped fiber for awhile and when basketball ended, was ready to spin, but needed something for "background" noise but just couldn't take ESPN at the time. I started going through the guide and, Wait, what? Xanadu? Really? As in, the movie from 1980 with Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly and Michael Beck (who my boyfriend noted was also in The Warriors)? Well, I had to watch.

Usually when this happens, I don't end up watching through to the end because it just becomes too much to take. (It seems things that I loved when I was young don't hold up well over time.)

Thankfully, since I was spinning during this, and therefore was mostly *listening* and not *watching*, I "watched" to the end. Of course, I mostly wanted to hear "Suspended in Time" - my favorite song from the soundtrack (which I still have to this day on vinyl!)

The thing about this movie is that it is probably one of 3 movies that I really remember as being my favorites. There was Grease, Xanadu, and . . . The Outsiders. I've watched Grease from time to time and still can't help but love the music. I can't watch the Outsiders because it depresses me more than it did when I read the book when I was 12. This track record probably contributed to the thought that there'd be no way I'd make it through all of Xanadu . .

There were definitely moments I cringed at the
-the fashion! oh my GOD! i'm sorry, but it was HIDEOUS. There is NO fashion trend of the 80s that should EVER come back!**
-the special effects!
-the rollerskating!

Okay, the last one I actually thought was just weird seeing featured so prominently in a movie! I LOVED to roller skate. We'd go ALL THE TIME when we were kids - especially from about 12 - 16? 17?. My 16th birthday was spent at SkateLand. I had my own skates (actually still do), and have actually had a birthday party *as an adult* at a rollerskating rink! But, it was weird to see it in a movie.

I'm sure that's one of the reasons I loved it way back when, though. The rollerskating! And, I remember liking the music, with the aforementioned Suspended in Time being my favorite song. So simple and sappy! I remember playing the soundtrack ALOT.

I wanted to BE Kira. I wanted her dress and the barretts, with the ribbons? My grandma actually made us barrets similar to that - they were all the rage back then. Seeing it now, well, I don't know what I was thinking. The dress isn't as light and flowing as I remember it. All of her "Muse" dresses looked really thick, layered, and heavy to me now.

I was maybe 8 when it came out. I don't know if I saw it right when it came out or not, because that seems sort of young, but who knows.

And, maybe because I was fairly young when I first saw it, as I watched it tonight and tried to figure out what part it has played in my life, how it fits into who I am and how I got to this point, I realize why maybe this movie stood out.

The whole, muse, follow your dreams thing? I like that, and still do, even if it has taken me almost 30 years past that to realize the truth of it.

I know, that may not make sense, but this is the point to this post - what I'm trying to get at, and that is - even though from very early on, I *wanted to believe* in the whole "follow your dreams" thing, the "you can do anything" thing, the wanting to do something *creative* . . . at every fork in the road of my life I've taken the opposite path. Until recently. Until I was almost forced into it . . . finally, there were no more "smart" or "safe" or "easy" options - the only logical path was finally the one I had always wanted - being able to do something creative, something artistic, to *make* something.

And, now, I really should go to sleep. I may delete this post in the morning, but for now, here is a post about something other than yarn and I'll end with the lyrics to Suspended in Time -

A child and a fool in one/So sure I could need no one/My heart always on the run to nowhere
Now as you're holding me/My heart is reminding me/That now I could never be without you

But how can our love succeed/A miracle is what we need/And so I appeal to you

Keep me suspended in time with you/Don't let this moment die
I get a feeling when I'm with you/None of the rules apply
But I know for certain/Goodbye is a crime/So love if you need me
Suspend me in time

Wasted the time away/Holding our love at bay/Now I can't last a day without you
Your smile is a thrill to see/Your eyes hold me tenderly/They'll shine in my memory forever

(yes, i do have a really sappy side which is why i don't watch movies - i cry at anything!)

**i keep thinking about this, and there were actually many eras represented in this movie, but some of the costuming was just - ugh! Don't want to go back there, really!

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