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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Running the numbers . . .

So as I sit here obsessively stalking the Yarn Wench's page for her update today, I thought I'd add up the amount of fiber I *already* have in hopes that it will stop me from buying too much! Good thing my boyfriend doesn't read my blog (I don't think) because this is exactly the kind of ammunition he needs in his campaign to get me to stop buying fiber!

Total amount of fiber in all forms (not including yarn):
353.70 ounces, that is 22.11 pounds of fiber!

Total amount in "roving" or "top" form:
328.50 ounces, or 20.53 pounds

Total amount in "locks" form:
25.20 oucnes, or 1.575 pounds

Percentage of the above that is Yarn Wench fiber: probably about 90%!

If I spin on average of 4 ounces per day, I have enough fiber to last me . . . 88 days! That's only a few months! So, of course I can buy more! :)

In addition:

I have 11 skeins of handdyed handspun yarn from other fiber artists.

I have 74 skeins of handspun yarn that *I* spun.

I have 25 hand knit items knit by me from handspun and regular yarns.

This actually may seem like a lot, but I've already got 5 confirmed shows (starting in July) and plan on at least 5 more . . . so, if you think about it, I NEED to have this much!!


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