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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fatigued . . .

Over the weekend I kept hearing about Roger Clemens and his "fatigued" groin and I was like, exactly what *does* that mean anyways . . .

Well, I think I now know. Or at least have some idea. And, no, this isn't about my groin . .

It's about my hands/wrists/arms which are just plain . . . fatigued! it's not the same as the pain I sometimes get with too much mousing/typing/knitting/spinning, it's more just . . . tiredness! my hands just don't want to move . . .

This means it's been a tough couple of days. I haven't spun since the weekend because I just can't. Typing/mousing at work (and blogging!) has been difficult and even knitting was a little tough . .

BUT, I DID finish this hat today while waiting for my car to get an oil change! Pictures show it with or without the pom pom on top! It is knit with handspun art yarn from the Yarn Wench! She called it "Waiting for the Sun" which is what I'm calling the hat (which is now on my website!)

I don't think I'll spin tonight--want to give my hands one more day of rest, but I should be back at it tomorrow . . . I hope! I'm going into withdrawal!!


Knitted Gems said...

I just LOVE this hat. You'll definitely get noticed in it!
I had the same wrist soreness last week. I think my stemmed from knitting too much. So, I switched over to my seaming projects. A 2 day rest was all I needed. Hopefully, you will be back in action soon. I just love to check in and see all the wonderful yarn you spin. Get well soon!

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

thank you! it is up for sale on my website, as i already have one that i love--it is my broken heart hat -- i'll post a pic next!

and, my hands are feeling better, but i have my one wrist wrapped to help with typing today at work.

definitely plan on spinning tonight!