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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's midnight and I'm not sleeping . . .

because my cell phone was beeping because some $%:#@:#: decided it would be fun to send me some smutty text message! i have no idea who sent it and am kinda creeped out, honestly.

so, the beeping woke me up . . . and it is really hot in our apartment even with the air conditioner, so i got up . .

and checked in on etsy to see if the treasury was working . . . and I got one!! I filled it with all the wonderful things in my favorites that I want to buy but just can't buy them all . . . check it out and see some wonderfully cool yarn and fibers and more!


then, I checked flickr . . . that was a mistake! MaryJane'sAttic is having a sale! Oh god, there is no way I can resist that sparklefluff now! At least I was good and only bought the fluff as these Fiber Play Kits look like fun, too! And all that brightly colored dyed fiber . . . check it out! For the coupon code check out this!

Now, I really must go back to sleep as I'm supposed to get up in . . . . 3 hours! ?!?!?

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