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Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Monday . . .

where did the weekend go? it seemed to go so fast since i spent about half of it not feeling very well, thus not getting much of anything (spinning or otherwise!) done . . .

but, here are a few pictures of some new things spun up . . .

Dreamsicle Sky Two Ply--this yarn is spun from "Compliments 1" handdyed merino wool from the Yarn Wench. It matches the other one used for the Dreamsicle Sky art yarn. This one is a two-ply but I also plied in thread with it--the thread is metallic and matches the colors pretty well--I thought it would add a little bit of sparkle to it. 160 yards, probably DK or Worsted weight (haven't done an exact wraps per inch count yet.)

Then, my other main project this weekend was getting some more promo keychains made up. Luckily, I received my HUGE Yarn Wench order on Saturday which included "A Mixed Bag"--a bag of various odds and ends of handdyed fiber. I spun up almost all of it on one bobbin, which was then plied with various colored thread and cut up and used for the mini-mini-skeins for the keychains. One section of fiber wasn't spun up because it perfectly matches something I already have--so I'm saving it. Another section of fiber was spun up into a mini skein of 44 yards that I'm now thinking of listing separately (though in the end it will probably go for promos, too.) Here is the skein that was cut up for promos:

And, here is "Antique Garden" mini skein:

Then, on Sunday, I spun up "Shade Garden" handdyed merino from the Yarn Wench into these two skeins, Iris Bouquet Art Yarn (88 yards) & Iris Bouquet Boucle (124 yards):

I had gotten all excited because I had this perfect yarn to match--Austermann Samoa Color--but when I plied the above skein with it I wasn't 100% sure I liked the outcome, so for the second bobbin I just plied it with two colors of Sulky rayon thread:

That was it. I also made up 50 keychains and mailed them off today and worked a little on knitting another summer shawl for my show coming up.

In other news, the spinning may slow down slightly as I've decided that I *MUST* get back to my exercise routine. Last year at this time I was exercising on a regular basis and eating right. That all went to hell once my shows started in fall/winter and now I am completely out of that routine. BUT, I am feeling like crap half the time so am determined to get back to it because I DID FEEL BETTER when exercising and sticking to a better diet (no, not a DIET diet, just EATING better, eating better foods, etc.,) This WILL cut into my spinning time, but I just have to accept that feeling GOOD is worth it! (Okay, now that I've said this publicly, I hope I can stick to it! Today is my first day "back" to that routine . . . )

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