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Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes, I am so glad it's Friday. I don't know if it was spinning up all that Plum Divine at the beginning of the week, but I have been *so* tired these past couple of days! Even though I've got a lot to do this weekend, I'm at least looking forward to being able to sleep a little.

I don't really have anything new to share today. I've been so bad the past two nights - falling asleep on the couch before actually accomplishing any spinning OR knitting. I am working on a special-request bamboo two-ply and hope to finish that up tonight. My plan for the weekend is to get some more bamboo spun up but also an art yarn or two - something NOT in the colors of Plum Divine. I also scored some great yarn for more light-weight scarves I like to knit in the spring/summer so should probably start one of them this weekend, too. My next show is "Artistic Accessories" so I really need to have some new knits for it! And, since I sold 3 pairs of wristwarmers at my show last weekend, I should probably knit up a couple more pairs, too!

So much I want to do . . . . so little time! ;)

Since I don't really have anything new to share, I thought I would show off a wonderful scarf knit by Shawn of IslandSweet with one of my bamboo two-ply yarns (actually similar to the yarn I am spinning now!) Here is a picture (you can click on it to go to the etsy listing) . . .

I just love the bright colors contrasted with the black!

I've also been lucky to see a wonderful creation knit with my single ply bamboo yarn as well! Cally designed this amazing pattern and then knit it, all with my yarn. It is two skeins of single ply bamboo.

It is really great to see the bamboo knit up as I will admit it isn't my favorite thing to spin - though I am liking it more and more, especially now that I can see how wonderful it can look knit up! Knowing it can become wonderful items like these has given me more incentive to spin up the fiber I have and maybe, even, knit with it.

Okay, I think that's all I have time for today - remember by ESST SALE is still going on!!


skiingweaver said...

Love Shawn's work! And yours too - she had lovely yarn to work with... Really must try knitting with some bamboo one of these days, I love the stuff.

island sweet said...

keep spinning that bamboo for us!