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Friday, April 25, 2008

Something about Buffy . . .

well, actually this is about Spike and Angel.

So, on my way to work this morning, I was listening to a CD that had two of the Buffy musical songs on it, one of them being Spike's song . . . which of course got me thinking about Spike in general . . . and about how many fans find one of the most annoying "inconsistencies" to be when Spike says, "You were my sire, man, you were my Yoda" to Angel in the episode "School Hard".

Now, we later find out that it was in fact Drusilla who turned Spike. BUT, Angel DID turn Drusilla, right? And in many vampire-lores, it is the "master vampire" who is the powerful one, right? The one who started the "chain"? Well, and here is where the logic isn't perfect, but . . . I don't think Spike meant Angel *actually* was the one to bite him, but rather . . . Angel was the "master" (yes, I know he wasn't the "first" and even within the 4 of them, DARLA actually would be the "original", but go with me on this . . .) and it is obvious that Spike looked to Angel to learn and mold himself on how to be a vampire, in a way. So . . . this small little line no longer bothers me (not that it ever really did, to be honest - now I just have a convoluted way of explaining it away . . .) Am I making any sense?

This also got me thinking about Angel vs. Spike . . . I've always liked Spike better. I thought Buffy/Angel was kinda creepy (and not that some of the same factors should apply with Spike, but by then she was "older" and more "mature" - she was just so young with Angel, ya know? and he was so old . . .) but Buffy/Spike just made sense. I also think Spike was just . . . better. Angel was a total jackass *before* he became a vampire, is it any wonder he was such a bad-ass vamp? He had to be cursed into his soul. Spike, on the other hand, or William the Bloody, well, he was different, wasn't he? And those traits? Those traits came through in Spike whether he wanted them to or not . . . and Spike, well, he WANTED his soul, and even BEFORE he got it showed much more "humanity" than Angel . . . remember the Judge? He knew it.

Anyways, enough about Buffy. And Spike. . . .

I didn't spin anything last night! I can't believe it! But, the forces were against me as I was 1. trying to catch random updates from Loop, 2. watching Thursday night TV (don't even get me started on LOST!) and 3. prepping bamboo fiber. SO, it wasn't a total waste of a night as I do now have 3 colors of bamboo ready to spin tonight and tomorrow!

I did list the three yarns I "sneak-peeked" yesterday! Here they are again with separate pictures and also links to the etsy listing . . . they are also on my website.

Aqua Lime Explosion 3

Aqua Lime Explostion 4

Rocky Roads - Aqua Lime - Hand Spun Yarn with coils

Well, that's all! Lots of work to do today as well as two updates to stalk! ha ha! :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty yarns. I don't think I can go a night without spinning!

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

thank you, and i know what you mean - this week is going to be tough as i've got knitting to do for a show this coming weekend so won't be spinning as much!