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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just when I thought . . .

So, last night was Monday night. That means I spin to "Big Bang Theory" and "How I Met Your Mother" . . . but after that, I usually switch over to the end of "Dancing with the Stars" before heading over to ESPN or some sports stuff to leave on as background noise until I sleep . . . so . . I switch over last night and apparently had just missed some drama with one of the guys!?! Some injury, or something? Well . . . as it turned out, the best was yet to come . . . or, well . . . .

When they did the dance to the "Star Wars" music (was that last season?) I sort of thought I'd seen it all . . . but, oh no. Last night, that "Star Wars" dance was trumped by . . . .

Jason Taylor doing a Paso Doble to . . . ARE YOU READY????? . . .

Honestly, I thought it was hilarious. The dance itself was good, I guess, but I found myself totally distracted by other thoughts, like, "it's so weird to hear this much of this song" and "it's nice and all that they are in Miami Dolphin colors, but how much longer will he be a Dolphin?" and "Oh, I hope Tony and Mike talk about this on PTI tomorrow". And, "wow, they [ABC & ESPN] are taking cross-promotion to a whole new level."

Anyways, this is sort of a dis-jointed post, so let's get back on track with some NEW YARNS! :)

Here are the two bamboo single plys from yesterday - Stormy Seas. They are now listed on etsy and will be on my site very soon.
And, the yarns I was spinning while watching all that entertaining TV, more Divine Melon yarns!

These may or not be for a special request, so they may or may not be available later today. But, I'll be sure to post better pics tomorrow if they are listed and available!

1 comment:

Rosebud Collection said...

I am lousy with sports.Love to tease my oldest grandson about Giants against the Patriots..at least it keeps him going..Your yarn is beautiful..The colors are just gorgeous..