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Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend recap . . .

So, this weekend was Harry Potter Weekend, I guess! I didn't get any spinning done, but I DID read Harry Potter AND knit a few things!

Friday, I did some knitting, and this hat was the result:

It is knit by me with Yarn Wench Yarn! Speaking of the Yarn Wench . . . I was a very bad girl on Friday . . . I couldn't resist . . . she is having a sale on her handspun yarn . . . so of course, I had to buy the one I've been wanting since she first posted it . . . Raspberry Floozie! Can't wait to get it and knit it up! (I also bought another one, and ONE fiber, but oh my, I could have easily bought so much more, but I MUST STOP!!! :) )

Anyways, on Saturday morning we did our normal run to Sam's Club . . . and they had the Harry Potter book . . . so even though I was expecting my copy in the mail that day . . . we bought a copy so my boyfriend could read it, too . . . so, we got home and he started reading right away! I said, TELL ME NOTHING!!! :) Even though I've been spoiled for every other book, and usually don't care, for some reason, for this last book I wanted to know nothing before reading, no spoilers, nothing! So, he read, and I knit . . .

My book arrived around 10:30-11am. I started it almost immediately and pretty much read straight through and finished it around 1am! So, that was the reason there was no spinning done on Saturday . . .

Then, on Sunday, I was just . . . drained, I don't know . . . reading the book was sort of . . . draining for some reason. So, I didn't get much done, except for some knitting. I decided I needed to knit some more of MY OWN yarn up, so I took "Galway Spring", two skeins I had spun from handdyed wool from the Yarn Wench, spun in two novelty yarns, and plied with thread . . . and I knit them into a hat and a scarf! Here are pics:

These were my main accomplishments of the day, though I did also get some more promo keychains made up and knit a little on the shawl I started on Friday.

I will do some spinning tonight, though, as I am going to spin up a yarn for a fellow librarian friend. But, I do think I may be doing a lot more knitting for the next couple of weeks as I've got a lot I want to try and get done before my shows in August. (lightweight shawls, light scarves). We'll see, though . . I've got so much beautiful fiber just waiting to be spun!

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