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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Art vs Craft & New Yarns

Art vs Craft was pretty good. I went in with low expectations simply because it is the middle of summer and I sell handspun yarn and hand knits. Other things were also stacked against me--it was seriously the hottest weekend of the year so far, and my spot was in the very back corner. So, the fact that I sold anything at all is VERY cool and made me VERY happy. I just secretly wish it would have been as good as the one in November, as I would have loved to have enough $$ to go on another fiber binge!

Here are a few shots of my set up:

This was my table on the second day. Here is a closeup of my "fancy yarns" basket:

And, here is the view of the other half of my "booth", the clothes racks for the shawls and scarves:

And, the whole corner:
The highlights of the show were meeting lots of people from etsy! I met Jen from Minefull
(she actually started my sales "rush" on Saturday by buying two of my yarns! Woohoo!), ChristinaWard, Kathy from YenForYarn, FeralFeminine, Persimmonsgal, and Lauren from etsy's Mom! :) I also talked to many wonderful people about spinning and mesmerized many kids with the spinning of the wheel. It was a lot of fun to demonstrate for people and also to talk about the process. I am definitely going to try and bring the wheel to future shows . . .

Especially since having it made the weekend *very* productive! I spun up *3* yarns while at the show!

Saturday, I spun up some handdyed domestic wool from the Yarn Wench called "Island Girl". I first spun it into a single, but had that done by 4pm and there were still 3-1/2 hours left! So, I decided to wrap the single around my water bottle and create a center-pull ball from which I could ply--I usually do not do it this way. I usually have two bobbins of singles and ply from them, but since I had only brought 2 bobbins and didn't bring the lazy kate, I figured I'd try the center-pull ball technique. It was . . . a challenge, especially at first as the single was pretty twisted, so I definitely had some issues with it . . . here you can see it once I had gotten it under control!

And, here is the finished yarn which I am calling "The Isle of Art vs Craft". It is available on etsy HERE, for a special price!

Then, on Sunday, it was a lot less busy, so I spun up this yarn and plied it with Moda Dea Chi Chi yarn (the fiber is also domestic wool from the Yarn Wench):
Last night I knit the larger skein of 72 yards into a scarf! Should have pictures of that tomorrow!

And, since that didn't take very long, on Sunday I also spun up this gorgeous handdyed Romney wool from the Yarn Wench. Here is a view of the single, which was done at the show:

And, here is the finished yarn, plied once I got home from the show, in the horrid heat of our apartment:
It is available on etsy here!

So, I think that is it! I thought I would have more to say but now that I'm pretty much recovered my brain is already focusing on getting ready for the next show!

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