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Friday, July 27, 2007

Spinner's Block . . .

So, this week has been a little tough. I've been experiencing what I am calling "spinner's block"! I have all of this amazing fiber, yarn, thread, etc., just waiting to be spun up . . . but whenever I go to spin something . . . I just get . . . paralyzed. Like, I'm afraid i won't do the fiber "justice". I won't make something "good enough" out of the gorgeous fiber! I look at it and instead of having the inspiration to just *know* what it wants to be (ie., two-ply, single, art yarn, boucle) i sit there and debate it and in the end don't decide anything!? I know it's silly. I know it will pass. But, because of this I haven't spun anything except for one yarn this week. (More on that in a minute!) Instead, I've been knitting (a little) and resting. Which is a good thing since my hands/wrists and even my arm has been bothering me all week.

SO, yesterday when I got home from work . . . Scott was watching Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire . . . and when it ended he said, we should go see the new one. Since i've been feeling so "blah" and figuring another night of no spinning would be good rest for my hands, I said, okay, let's go! So we went to a 4:15 showing--perfect! The theater was practically empty and of course the movie was great! I even still technically got home with time to spin, but instead we watched lame tv (ie., Rock of Love with Brett Michaels) and I pretty much went to bed early.

I feel ALOT better today and am convinced I WILL get some spinning done this weekend! I also have a shawl that is about half way done so that should get finished tonight (I hope). I do have 3 shows in August, so I should get going on getting some more things knit up for those shows. I've now got *3* fibers ready to go--received the Spunky Club fiber of the month this week so did prep that last night. I still don't know what any of them want to be but I've decided I'm just going to start spinning and see what happens! :)

In other news, I DID finish a yarn this week. It is a two-ply that I spun up for a librarian friend. Here are some pictures:
It was spun from handdyed Falkland wool from the Yarn Wench, of course! Speaking of, rumor has it she is doing another HUGE update today sometime!! Don't forget to check it out!

And, despite the no-spinning, this was a good week--I sold one of my favorite yarns (this one), sent off a "Christmas in July" swap package for a WIST member, relisted some yarns with new pictures, finished one summer triangle shawl, and got lots of wonderful fiber and yarns!


Nora said...

Girl 4:30 am!!! You need some sleep!

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

well, actually, that's pacific time, so it really was 6:36am where i am! i usually get up around 5am and am at work by 6! :)

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

okay, i just changed my time stamp to be accurate to my actual time zone! :)

Idyeroving said...

I love that yarn! Very nice colors.