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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Catching up again . . .

So, I guess it's been a few days since posting . . . I went to the wedding last weekend in Minnesota and ended up getting back later on Sunday than I thought which kind of threw me off and I've been remiss in updating here . . .

The wedding was very nice! She had absolutely *perfect* weather, seriously. (It was indoors, but still.) An absolutely beautiful day! The ceremony was short, sweet, to the point! The dinner was fabulous--you know how wedding food, well, may tend to be kind of bland? Well, not this one! It was a chicken dish, but wow, it definitely had a zip to it! Very good! The reception was fun, as receptions always are! Lots of dancing . . . and of course a little drinking . . . and lots of silliness. Unfortunately, the only picture I took was of the wedding cake!?! I'm just not used to having a camera so I didn't really take it out! Here's the cake, though:

As you can see, they had a Mickey/Minnie theme going (the invitations were also Mickey & Minnie!) and the color scheme of black and red, as well. The cake was also very yummy!

Had a little time on Saturday before the wedding to finish knitting this hat:
It is knit from handspun yarn from mistressbatty at battysboutique.etsy.com! It was spun on a spindle, which is very impressive! I love the colors and while I do really like it, I did list it on etsy here.

Then on Sunday the ride home was getting long so I pulled out some of my handspun yarn and knit up a scarf! This is Midnight Valentine and matches the hat I did previously. The yarn was spun by me from handdyed domestic wool from the Yarn Wench, and I also spun in several novelty yarns and plied it with thread . . .here is the scarf, though the pictures are a little lighter than the actual color:

Also, last week before leaving, I did finish up some yarns. I posted about the single ply yarns which are now all on etsy, but didn't post a picture of the "Pink Lemonade" yarns I spun up. There are two skeins, one 98 yards which is just a boucle with lots of added sparkle, and the other is 58 yards of art yarn with novelty yarns spun in. Here is a picture of both:
For more pics you can check out my flickr here!

It's been hard getting back into the swing of things this week. I haven't spun anything, though I did begin spinning up another fairly thin single last night that is destined to become a two ply. I have about 8 oz and probably did about 3.5 last night. That first bobbin will definitely get finished tonight and I'll start on the second. I'm hoping to have it done on Thursday night. The wool is handdyed Falkland from the Yarn Wench and you can see the colors HERE and HERE.

I'm also knitting another scarf with Austermann Samoa. I've also got to get going on some more summer shawls for the August shows I have coming up. I managed to get some more yarn for these shawls and also the scarves I like to do on ebay! Woohoo!

Well, I'm sure I'm missing some things, but these are the highlights!

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