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Friday, July 20, 2007

Quickie . . .

I don't have much time, but wanted to at least . . .

1. Mention that there will be a YARN WENCH UPDATE today! And, she's hinting of another sale?! I spent way too much last time and have spent alot of $$ this week on other business-related expenses, so not sure I'll be able to partake in this one . . . but . . . that doesn't mean YOU shouldn't! Check it out HERE probably this afternoon!

2. Post a pic of the yarn I was working on this week. I'm not very happy with the pictures and will be taking more today when I get home from work. But, for now, here it is:

It is handdyed Falkland wool from the Yarn Wench--a colorway she called "Cruiseline", though I am thinking about naming the yarn "Mermaid's Cove", though I'm not quite sure it fits now that the yarn is done. The two skeins are probably about DK/Worsted weight yarn, though I haven't done the WPI yet. Two skeins, one 338 yards, the other 176 yards! Similar to my "Patience" yarn!

I also started knitting a hat last night out of this yarn from the Yarn Wench. I didn't get very far, though, as I went to lie down on the couch by my kitty . . . and promptly fell asleep! So much for getting more done last night! But, it's Friday and we have no plans this weekend (well, except for reading Harry Potter!) so I should get some more spinning and knitting done . . .

but now it's off to work!

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