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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Survived Christmas! & Boxing Day Sale

Back to work today, though now that I finally feel better, I wish I was spinning!

Quick recap . . .

Friday! I picked up my new car! Woohoo! I kept meaning to take pictures this weekend but didn't get a chance . . . hopefully I will be able to this weekend . . . I love it, though!

Saturday--dreary day, we went to American and bought a TV! I don't know why, especially don't know why I insisted on getting the more expensive one, but holy CRAP does it look good!! We rented 2 Blu-Ray movies and WOW!!! It really was amazing, which is saying something because up until I met and moved in with Scott, all I had was a 13 inch TV and was HAPPY with it! (I still have that TV, btw, and won't let him toss it! It still works! And, it has such sentimental value--it was our "kitchen" tv when i was a kid, then it became mine and went with me to college, Oregon, California, and back to Wisconsin. I just can't part with it!) Anyways, if *I* can tell the difference in clarity/picture/etc., it's GOT to be good!!

Sunday, finally took some slightly better pictures of the yarns I've spun up over the past few weeks . . . and they are finally up on etsy and my website! Here are pics of two that I haven't yet shown:

Dreaming of Electric Sheep:

Punk Rock Valentine v.3 (this one is actually from awhile ago, but I don't think I've posted a picture yet!)
And, here is one, but I listed it on Monday and it sold right away! Spun from merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench:

AND! Sunday and Monday I *finally* got back to spinning!! I spun up a Navajo 3-ply yarn from a 50% superwash merino/50% tencel fiber dyed by Spincerely. This isn't the best pic as it was taken at night, but I didn't get a chance to take new pics yet. Here it is (should be listed later today):
And, here is another Single Ply done on Monday night, spun from more merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench. This one should also be listed later today!

Then, on Christmas morning (YES! I was spinning on Christmas morning! :) ) I spun up a merino/silk blend also dyed by the Yarn Wench. It was my first time spinning this blend so just decided to do a single ply. Not sure how I like it, honestly, and I know part of it is the pictures--hopefully I'll have better ones soon and it will probably be listed on my website later today as well.

After I spun this up we went to Scott's Mom's house for Christmas--really great food and it's always nice to visit with her. His dad was there as well. We got AWESOME HUGE bath towels from her which we've been wanting, and I got a really fun black velour HELLO KITTY sweatshirt-type jacket--it has a big sparkly hello kitty face on the back and is SOOO soft, seriously! I wore it the rest of the day! For my buy-handmade gifts, I gave her a holiday ornament made by StarsDreamsandJewels and a needle-felted frog (she loves frogs) from a seller next to me at the Holiday Craftacular back in November.

Then, the debate began on whether or not we were going to try and get out to my uncle's house. Since our planned-for-the-28th gathering with my Mom, sister, and Grandma wasn't going to happen, I thought I should really get out there (it was almost an hour drive from where we were) . . . so I knew I had to go, the debate was getting Scott to go with me. Well, he did and while we got to my uncle's just as everyone was leaving, we quick hopped over to my Mom's and did our little family gathering/gift opening. I got my sister a cool rug from EKRA, my niece a really nifty wristlet from MINEFULL (I so wanted to keep this for myself!), and my mom a bowl made out of a record from RETIRED RECORDS. I know it wasn't much, but getting sick really put back my shopping plans, so I decided to just go with what I already had . . . I received some things for my new car and a beautiful hand made wind chime from my Mom! Yay Mom for buying handmade! ;)

Then, it was home and pretty much to bed as back to work bright and early this morning! After hearing about BOXING DAY on the radio this morning, I decided I would have a BOXING DAY SALE in my ETSY STORE.

Here are the details:

10% off all SALE PRICED items
Sale Priced Yarns
Sale Priced Hand Knits

15% off ALL other HANDSPUN YARNS

20% off ALL other HAND KNITS

Kitty Grrlz on Etsy

Please put "BoxingDay" in Notes to Seller section and wait for updated invoice or pay and I will refund the difference.

SALE ENDS December 27, 7am CST.

I have been having a lot of sales lately, but come January 1, the Sale Priced sections will disappear and so will my penchant for sales! So, now is a great time to shop my store!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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