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Monday, December 10, 2007

It's the end of the year . . . almost!

So, I have officially survived my "show season", but just barely! Last week, I was sick . . . I'm pretty sure with the flu. The 24 hours before my FINAL show of the year . . . I was in bed. I really wanted to have new things for Art vs Craft, but I just couldn't . . . I had to rest and pretty much just hoped that by Saturday morning I was well enough to do the show . . . miraculously, I was okay enough and my final show of the year went pretty well. Though, I am going to publicly admit that I like the MSOE location better (much more functional--bigger spaces, easier to navigate, and better lighting) and also the November date better (just seems that the closer to Christmas it gets, the less-good I do at shows!) . . . but, all in all, I'd have to say it was another successful show and a good way to end the year. I have to thank the wonderful buyers who came out and also the great sellers next to me who helped me out in ways that definitely made it easier to get through, given the fact I really wasn't 100% healthy. (they were Tall Poppies Jewelry and Dee Dee Jewelry (website coming soon).

So now my energies will be focused on my etsy store and own website. I have added a TON of new items to the SALE SECTION on my website, and on etsy have created a new Sale Priced Hand Knits section to go with the Sale Priced Yarn section. These sale sections will only be around until December 31! I will probably be adding a few more items up until then, as well.

But, one item I probably will not be discounting is my new Hello Kitty Grrlz Yarn! I plan on doing a lot more of these, but for now here is a picture of the latest, Pink Mint Kitty Yarn

This yarn was really hard to photograph--it is shades of light pink and mint green, with some darker almost-olive green sections, and it is spun from super soft merino wool. It has tons of novelty yarns and fibers spun in, along with lots of sparkling angelina. It is plied with two threads (pink and mint green) strung with 32 Hello Kitty Face beads and 33 Swarovski crystals in Rose and Peridot. It is 92 yards and might just be enough to squeeze a hat and scarflette or neckwarmer out of--or just a thicker scarf.

Now that my shows are over for the year, I will be busy planning my shows for next year, and also coming up with new items! Along with the Hello Kitty Grrlz yarns, I am hoping to have some new hand knits (with the bamboo yarn I've been spinning!) and also hope to get the Summer Triangle shawls online this year--last year they were hot sellers at shows, but I never really got them online (except for one that sold right away!). I'm also hoping to offer smaller mini-skeins for those who may use yarn for other art projects, free form crochet, scrapbooking, etc. These will be small skeins of between 10-30 yards and may be offered individually or in lots.

And, finally, in the new year I am hoping to become a more regular blogger! I was doing well for awhile, but then the shows started happening and I really started slacking on the blog front. So, hopefully, I will be a more regular poster now and in the new year!

But, for now, work is calling!

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