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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A productive day . . sortof

Yesterday did turn out to be a pretty productive day! I finished up a scarf I'd had on the needles for a few weeks, and knit two more, and started a 4th! yay! I also spun up another art yarn - pictures of that one tomorrow. I also listed the 3 yarns spun on Sunday. Had some trouble with taking pictures of the first two skeins - those blues and purples give me such trouble - but here they are -

Arctic Princess - spun from hand dyed merino wool, with novelty yarns spun in and plied with shiny metallic thread - 98 yards. Colors are dark but bright blue, light ice blue, and light pink -

Then there is the matching Hello Kitty Grrlz skein! This one is similar, but is plied with 3 colors of thread strung with Hello Kitty face beads in 3 colors - pink, blue, and purple. There are over 60 beads!
And, finally, here is "RiddleBox" - spun from a Spontaneous Spinning Batt from Loop - in shades of dark purple and plum and shades of green -

That's it from me for today - I want it to be another productive day so want to get started right away, and I'm already up a bit later than yesterday . . .

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