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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo!

So all is well with my website. Seems it may have been working earlier than I thought yesterday since once I cleared my cache it came up just fine! This means kittygrrlz.com is back in business! :)

I have listed most of the new yarns on etsy now and just have to finish listing the bamboo on my site. I've got 2 skeins each of Marmalade Mint, Southwest Sky, Springtime in Paris, and Summer Neon Taffy. I have one skein of Aqua Lime, Summer Rainbow, and Prairie Dusk. I should have pictures up on flickr later today. These are all single ply bamboo skeins - and I've now lowered the price a bit AND if you are a newsletter subscriber, the price is even a couple of dollars lower!

I also listed two Navajo 3-ply skeins of the Seawool in hot shocking pink and black! This fiber is so soft and squishy, but also smooth-soft, like silk or bamboo - it's just wonderful!

I think that's it from me today. More pictures and new yarns to come tomorrow morning!

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