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Monday, July 28, 2008

Another week begins . . .

and I am up early! Yay! Now, if I can just STAY up and not go back to bed, I should be off to the start of a very productive day!

This weekend wasn't so productive. I usually can get multiple yarns done each day, but the past 3 days, I seemed to be stuck on getting just one colorway spun up.

I mentioned color in the interview from Friday, and while I DO love ALL colors, sometimes I have to step outside my comfort zone of plums and blues and certain combinations I return to often - and go with just bright random colors. That is what I spun this weekend - lots of bright colors!

The first, on Friday, was a batch of hand dyed merino wool from The Yarn Wench called "Candyland". It was mostly shades of bright blue, pink and yellow. I went with those colors for the novelty yarns I spun in, and also plied with all 3 colors of thread. Here are the results - what I am calling "Dr Seuss Circus" -

Then, on Saturday, I spun up another batch of "Magic Bus" - this is what was used for the "Hippie Boho" yarns. This batch seemed darker, though, and had a bit more red in it. So, I went with more red yarns in this one, and also spun in bright blue and red angelina for some sparkle. Both skeins are plied with a dark orange thread. Here are the two skeins -

Back on Thursday (listed on Friday) - I also did another batch of Devine Melon - now, this is a colorway and combination I do really love and have gone back to again and again. So, while not new and "outside my comfort zone" - they are of the brighter nature -

Yesterday, I finally spun up another Hello Kitty yarn! I will have pictures of that one and it's coordinating bead-less counterpart tomorrow, along with a dark purple and green art yarn spun from my Spontaneous Spinning club batt from June - which was inspired by the Purple Passion butterfly. These 3 yarns will be listed later today, too. The Hello Kitty and coordinating skein are called "Arctic Princess" and the purple and green one is called "Riddlebox".

But, for now I must got and get to work!


Jamie Ferraioli said...

Great color combinations! I'm the same way with my "comfort zone colors". I have to remember that there are other colors in the world besides green. haha. Love the names of the yarn too. They fit really well!

Jenny said...

I should not be allowed to read the blog thread... damn it.

i love your yarns....

*checks bank account*

I'll be back to see you in the future.

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

thank you both! i appreciate the commments! :)