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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A few things . . .

First, the other day I "reorganized" my Yarn Wench fiber stash (I do this every now and then--lay them all out and sort by color!). I really do have too much. Here is a picture:

You can see more pictures IN THIS SET on flickr!

According to my spreadsheet, I have 94 days of fiber! This includes the Yarn Wench fiber, but also other fiber I have! And to think a few short weeks ago I had it down to 78 days worth! (this is figured with and average of spinning 4 oz/day!) I guess that's what two really huge Yarn Wench updates will do!

Second, in the last Yarn Wench update I got several Harry Potter-inspired colorways. These are what I'm working on this week:

So far, I have the "Hufflepuff" colorway finished and spun up into 164 yards of two ply:

Last night I also got the Ravenclaw singles done and will ply that tonight. I was going to do all two plys, but for some reason I think Gryffindor may end up as a single. We'll see as that is the next one I'll be working on tonight. I'm saving Slytherin for last because it's my favorite--the colors are just amazing! Plus, I have more of it than the others.

And, finally, I am starting to freak out about my August shows! I've got three of them, but I'm most worried about the ones up in Northern Wisconsin as it will entail traveling and using my EZ Up tent for the first time! AND, I still have lots to finish knitting before then and the first one is only 11 days away! Yikes! I've got at least two, hopefully three, shawls to finish by then and I'm also hoping to whip up a couple of light weight scarves. Oh well. We'll see!

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