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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Busy busy busy

So far this week is actually going according to plan! It's a miracle!

At work, I am working on a shifting project, and I should have it done today! If I do complete it today, I think I'm going to take tomorrow off for extra time to pack and get ready for my shows/family visit!

Last night, I spun 12 oz of fiber! That is a record for me during a week night. Granted, they were "easy" yarns--two simple boucles and a single ply, but nonetheless, it is fiber spun up! Woohoo!

Two of them were dyed Corriedale from Flawful Fibers. These are going to be used for the keychain "mini" skeins. The single ply was merino from the Yarn Wench. So soft!

I also prepped several fibers and think I will do more spinning tonight. I still have two scarves and a shawl to finish but I'm starting to think I can knit the shawl while up north (in between the two shows--on Monday or Tuesday). The scarves should be easy to finish tomorrow or even Saturday. Of course, by Saturday I need to be packed up and ready to go! I also need to label all my new items, only about 30 this time compared to 100 last time so it shouldn't take too much time!

Okay, just wanted to pop in with this update!


glitterstar said...

I went to the picnic in the park for wist. Where we stuff promo bags. I just wanted to let you know I thought your yarn samples were beautiful. :)

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

thank you!! :)