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Monday, August 20, 2007

So behind . . .

in posting! I am back to work today -- ended up taking all last week off. The shows were pretty good (more on them later) and when I did return I went on a 4-day spinning and knitting spree!

Quickly . . .

My booth at Musky Fest:

This show was pretty good. The weather was *perfect*, seriously. Sunny but not too warm so people weren't afraid to try things on. I sold a little bit of everything--yarn, shawls, and even a hat and scarf set. This was on Sunday, August 12 in Boulder Junction, WI.

On Wednesday, August 15 I was in Eagle River at the Paul Bunyan Festival. It wasn't quite as good as Musky Fest, but I still did okay. After a morning that looked a little dicey as far as weather goes, it cleared up and was pretty nice (though windy). I sold a bit--mostly shawls, but not as good as Musky Fest. Seemed like at Musky Fest people weren't put off by my prices, whereas in Eagle River, they were. I could tell -- someone would love an item . . . until they looked at the price tag. Oh well. I know my items will not be for everyone!

On that note, these were the first two shows I was able to accept credit cards at, and I did make two sales at each show using my new account. I called them in after the show, but it went really smoothly and the fees are similar to paypal. I use propay.com.

I did bring my wheel to the shows and was able to spin this yarn while there:

I absolutely love it!! It is from handdyed domestic wool from the Yarn Wench that I've actually had for quite awhile. It Navajo plied perfectly!! (okay, the plying isn't quite *perfect* but the colorway lent itself very well to this technique as it kept the gorgeous colors more solid!) It is on my website or etsy.

I was very homesick while up north, and I was *so happy* to get back late on Wednesday night. I was very beat, though, after a long drive, and ended up taking Thursday off from work. I went on a knitting rampage that day! I knit two hats and three scarves! Here are a couple of pics:

Okay, I will write a separate post for the new yarns, as there is ALOT of them! :)

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