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Monday, July 6, 2009

New yarns, finally!

Well, I finally have some new yarns listed in my etsy shop. I listed 5 bamboo skeins today and all are the last of those particular colors I'll have until my next bamboo fiber order (which may not be until August, I'm not sure.) Today, I'm spinning wool, but tomorrow it is back to the bamboo. I've got lots of it to spin as I get ready for the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair, which is coming up soon! For now, I'll still be listing all the yarns I spin on etsy, but next week I may be holding some of them back and those wouldn't be listed until after the show. But, enough rambling, here are the new skeins -

I've got to get to exercising and then back to spinning, so no direct links today, but you can find them all HERE. Also, just a note about shipping - my shipping charges are going up tomorrow (right now it is still Free USA Shipping and $5 International), but if you want to NEVER pay full price shipping again, sign up for my newsletter and get shipping discounts and other specials, too! You can sign up on the sidebar here on my blog or at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

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