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Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from the Fair & lots of new yarns!

So, another year of the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair has passed. This year, I went a little crazy and ended up buying bunches of Cloudlover fiber -

It was a lot of fun just pulling braids, piling them up and then figuring out which ones I absolutely HAD to have! (I couldn't buy them all no matter how badly I wanted to!). I also ended up spinning two of them while at the Fair. The mosaic above includes the "Tahiti" single ply I spun, and this mosaic includes the Navajo 3ply spun from her "Antoinette" colorway in merino wool and silk. This fiber will be spun up over the next few weeks.

This mosaic shows it, along with "Tahiti" and two FunctionArt/Batt-tacular yarns spun but not sold at the show. All four of these yarns are now listed on etsy. Here are some direct links:

"Antoinette" Navajo 3ply - 186 yards, DK
"Tahiti" Single ply - 176 yards, DK
"Fairy Tales" FunctionArt/Batt-tacular - 98 yards, 4.6 oz
"Midnight Princess" FunctionArt/Batt-tacular - 50 yards, 2.2 oz

I also listed some bamboo skeins today. You can see the new bamboo on etsy HERE. This mosaic shows the colors listed (Stormy Night, Stormy Sea, Razzleberry, and Cotton Candy Blues)

I also have 6 new art yarns to list, but think those will get added tomorrow. After that, my next new yarns will probably not be posted until the weekend. I'm thinking of adjusting my "work" schedule so that I spin during the week, take pictures on Saturday, and list on Sunday/Monday. We'll see how it goes this week. I do know that I'll most likely NOT be listing new yarns daily, like I have tried to in the past. I've also got some commissions to work on, but, look for new art yarns tomorrow!

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