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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marmalade Mint & Rain Forest Bamboo

Today I listed 8 skeins of bamboo. Four skeins of "Marmalade Mint" and 4 skeins of "Rain Forest". Marmalade Mint is a color I've spun before, though this batch is a bit darker and more saturated than previous versions. Rain Forest is a new color and this may be the only time that I will spin it, though I'm not sure. It is a mocha brown and chartreuse-y green color combination.

Marmalade Mint -

Rain Forest -

All can be found in my etsy shop HERE. (or check out the Beautiful Bamboo section here!)

Today, I'm hoping to spin up some more wool single plys. I've got some really soft merino, BFL, and merino/tencel that I'll get to for sure and then maybe some Falkland. I may also do a couple core-spun singles, or maybe some coils. Will wait and see how I feel later. Tomorrow it is back to the bamboo - I've got Citrus Dreams and more Spring Forest Trail to spin. Once I get through those colors it is back to the blues and pinks as next on my list is "Razzleberry" and "Chocolate Berry Shine". I've got quite a lot of bamboo lined up on the couch waiting to be spun.

Which means I should really get back to work now!

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