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Monday, January 26, 2009

When Monday is actually the BEST day of the week . . .

Well, sort of. At least I was actually happy for Monday to arrive this week since this past weekend was just . . . bad. I was sick most of the weekend and on Saturday my desktop crashed. Thankfully, I have a laptop that I have been using, and even though I use the desktop for important things like editing pictures, uploading them to flickr, and doing my etsy listings, I have worked it out so that I can (sort of) do everything on the laptop for now. We took the computer in today and now it's just a wait-and-see thing.

Due to the computer issues, I'm using GIMP (instead of PhotoShop) to edit my most recent photos. AND, I'm editing them on the laptop which makes everything look darker, so I hope they still look okay on other screens. I think, so far, all is okay, but it's weird having to change up my processes.

Late last night, I finally felt better, or at least well enough to spin. I spun up this new variation of the bamboo color "Black Gold". This color is different every time, and this batch is just amazing . . . I think it is definitely my favorite variation that I have spun. I have four skeins listed on etsy now, and enough fiber to spin 8 more. I'm not sure if it will look the same the next time I order it, though! But, for now, here is "DragonSong" . . .

I'm only including one picture in this post today, but you can find all the skeins on etsy and a few more pictures on flickr.

And, now it's back to work - spinning wool single plys tonight and should have 4-5 new skeins to list tomorrow!


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Kelli said...

I love this colorway, very pretty! Looking forward to the singles you are spinning. Hope you feel better and hope your desktop feels better soon as well!