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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lots of new yarns!

Seems I finally got motivated the past couple of days and actually spun some new yarns! Mostly, they are single plys, spun from carded batts of fiber from FeltStudioUK and TerraBellaSpun, but there is also a new two-ply and a new 3ply spun from hand dyed merino wool and silk blend from the Yarn Wench. Here they are -

From top to bottom -
Broken Heart - merino/silk - 2ply - 82 yards
Broken Heart - merino/silk - 2ply - 130 yards
Wild Hearts - blended fibers - single ply - 96 yards
Tainted Love - merino/silk - 3ply - 140 yards
FairyTale Ending - blended fibers - single ply - 110 yards
English Rose - blended fibers - single ply - 100 yards
Wild Berries - blended fibers - single ply - 100 yards
Spike's Moonlight - blended fibers - plied with thread - 100 yards

Not sure if I'll have anything new tomorrow, BUT, I am finally going to be spinning more Plum Divine on Sunday!! Hopefully, I'll have 4 skeins to list on Monday - Plum Divine 2009!!


1 comment:

hello said...

Love the colour of the wool. And that carded fleece - yumm!

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