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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Challenge - Art Yarns progress?

I have made some progress in my goal of spinning art yarns this weekend! I still have 4 more skeins to spin and I'm not sure I'll get all 4 done tonight, but I know I will get at least two more spun. But, I did spin up 3 other colors so far.

Friday, I spun "Boho" into these two bright and fun skeins -

And, Saturday I spun "Parade" - these I also added some coils as I was plying -

I don't have pictures yet, but today I spun "Plum Peacock" and will be spinning "Sprucewood" after dinner.

I sort of like having this sense of "purpose" for my weekend spinning, so I think each weekend I will pick a different type of yarn, or maybe fiber, and challenge myself to spin that. I'm already thinking that next weekend will be the challenge to spin ALL the remaining LOOP fiber I have! It isn't a HUGE amount, but I do have at least one Spontaneous Spinning batt left and some babycakes. But, I guess I need to finish this weekend's challenge first and then get through the week!

This week I am getting another order of bamboo fiber - more of the dark purple and orange color, and more of the color I use for my "Ice Princess" colorway. We'll see how it goes, though, as I already have a queue of 6 colors waiting to be spun!

Dinner time! More tomorrow - including pictures of the last of the weekend art yarns.

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