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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Website, Newsletter and Gift Cards!

Today I want to mention some new things and remind of some old - that now have a new twist!

First, a couple of weeks ago I started having problems with my website. Instead of continuing to maintain a separate shop catalog site (and all the time, stress, and hassle that seems to entail), for now I am going to be selling on ETSY only. In the future I may revisit having my own site for sales, but the truth is - most of my sales come from Etsy and shows. My website was more of a time-sucker than anything else. So, I hereby surrender to etsy! :)

You can find my HAND SPUN YARNS on Etsy HERE.

Kittygrrlz.com has NOT gone away, though! As a matter of fact - if you are looking to bookmark just ONE page to find Kitty Grrlz - that is the one! It now has links to my most recent blog posts, an upcoming shows/events listing, AND a NEW way to subscribe to my Newsletter . .

which brings me to my second point - my newsletter. I can no longer manage it the way I had been, so am now using bravenet.com and their free newsletter/mailing list service. I'm hoping to upgrade eventually to a pro/paid account, but for now I am hoping their free version will be enough to get my monthly newsletter out.

WHAT is my monthly newsletter, you ask? Well, at the beginning of each month, I email ONE message out to all subscribers. This message includes news, upcoming show information, AND, most importantly - specials and discounts for NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS only! They can vary from month to month and I will say that TOMORROW I will be having one of my best 1-day newsletter sales ever! I also plan to have some good specials in December. There is at least one special or discount *every* month, though.

If you are interested in signing up - please go to kittygrrlz.com and scroll down - near the bottom is a box for you to enter your name and email address. After entering your information, click "GO". On the next screen you will need to enter the letters/numbers shown in the box, click again, and then you should get the first confirmation page. At this point an email will be sent to you. Since it is a "double opt-in" list you need to open that email and click on the link to confirm your subscription. You should then receive a welcome email and will be all set for the next newsletter. IF for some reason *you do not receive the confirmation email* right away, please try again. When testing it out, I noticed that sometimes that email didn't seem to get "triggered", but upon trying again it worked fine.

Finally, I wanted to post about the fact that I am now offering GIFT CERTIFICATES! These are online versions of my Kitty Grrlz Cash Gift Cards that I now also have available in person at shows. Online, I am offering values of $25, $30, $50 and $60 - but if you would like a different denomination, all you have to do is email me and I can set up a special listing for you. Want to buy yarn for someone but not sure what kind they would like? What colors or fibers they like to work with? A Kitty Grrlz Gift Certificate is the perfect solution! And, in person keychain gift cards come with a 5-20 yard sample of yarn! This option is also available online but would incur a shipping cost. Please check out the listings here for more information.

Please keep in mind that if you ever need to contact me, or would prefer to order/purchase directly through me, you can email me at any time!

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