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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I sure am no Tiger Woods . . .

So, for those who don't live with ESPN on in the background (as I seem to do) or follow golf - Tiger Woods won the US Open this past weekend. Well, actually on Monday. After 19 *extra* holes. On a bad knee. But, we didn't know HOW bad until more recently.

Apparently, he has a torn ACL (which from what I gather with football is pretty serious) AND . . . a double stress fracture!?!? He will have season-ending surgery . . .

Now, it is amazing enough that HE WON THE US OPEN with these injuries, but apparently he's been at least partially injured since LAST JULY.

I am truly amazed and impressed. I did happen to catch most of the rounds of the Open and it really was exciting. Some of the shots he made - and the tension and drama of how close it was and the finish on Monday? Spectacular!

(Part of me can't even believe I am saying this about *golf* of all things! I never really considered golf a "sport" until now, I guess. It was mostly a good thing to have on in the background as it is generally quiet and . . . well, boring.)

I think it is a total shame that he will miss the rest of the season and I feel bad for golf, overall, in a way, as he is such a big draw - BUT, it is a *great* opportunity for some young (or old! Go Rocco!) players to be noticed. With Tiger out it really does give a chance to some of the players that are good but just can't compete with Tiger.

There is and will be much debate about whether he should have played through the injury (he did against doctor's orders) but, really, given the little I know of him, I can't imagine him NOT playing.

And, before I tie this in to the title of this post - let me just say YAY BOSTON!!! FINALLY, we won a Las Vegas sports bet!!! I, of course, wasn't wise enough to bet on the Celtics, but my boyfriend was, so while it isn't a HUGE payout, he won the bet he made last October that the Celtics would win!!!! Woohoo!!!! I really think it was a given that they were going to win. They were on fire ALL SEASON. AND - this is the crucial point in my opinion - they were a TEAM. Basketball (unlike, say, GOLF) is a TEAM SPORT. Even though you had 3 huge stars (apparently, I really don't know much about basketball) - they PLAYED TOGETHER to win! As great as Kobe Bryant is - I don't believe one player can carry an entire team that far!

So, yay for the Celtics!

Now, back to the title. I am so pathetic. Great athletes can apparently play through torn ligaments, broken legs, the flu, and more . . while me??? I can't even spin through a lousy HEADACHE!?!?!?

Seriously, I am pretty disgusted with myself this morning. Yesterday when I got home from work, I had a headache (kinda the norm for this week if ya know what i mean) but i still tried to do my usual - take pictures (i only had one yarn, though), do my etsy listing, eat, and then get to work . . .

I started out okay - got pictures taken of my new yarn, spun from LOOP's BeautyBerries batt -

And did get it listed on etsy. I ate. And then that's where it all went down hill . . .

I took an Aleve and decided to lie down - just for a little bit, I figured I'd be up and spinning by around 7pm (it was around 5:30pm) . . . that would still have given me a good 3 hours of spinning time.

That is not how it went. I pretty much didn't get up until THIS MORNING. I am so disappointed. I didn't get *any* spinning done! I did prep a little bit of fiber (I have some new Kitty Singles coming soon!) but that was it! An entire night wasted! I guess once I am doing this full-time, one missed day won't kill me, but . . .right now I've got a lot to do - commissions to finish, a show at the end of the month to get ready for, a fiber festival in July . . . and, what do I do? Sleep.

So, while Tiger can win a championship on a broken leg and bad knee . . . all it takes is a stupid headache to knock me out!


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