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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Going for four!

Four days in a row of posting, that is! Amazing!

So, we got a ton of snow yesterday. As in about a foot in most areas, some more! I stayed home from work as there was no way I was driving my normal 35-40 minute commute. Others opted to stay home, too, and even though *every* other place was closed, our college was open - as were the public schools in that area. The college did, apparently, close the "offices" at 4pm and evening classes were canceled . . . but . . .

I really think it is ridiculous that they were open in the first place, or that the schools were open as well. Anyone who was watching the news or looked at the radar could SEE we were going to get hit. Hard. Yes, there was a question of timing, but still. I might have gotten to work in the morning, but the commute home would have been horrid.

Some people say we are getting to be "wimps" about the weather, and that we should just "deal with it" as we are in a state that gets snow - we should be used to it. But, I personally don't believe we should be risking our lives just to get to our jobs for one day. Or that the lives of all those kids should be put in jeopardy just because the school district is "out of snow days". Seriously. All it would take is one tragic bus accident and then everyone would be saying, "Oh why didn't we close, it's so dangerous, etc., etc., etc.," . . .

Now, obviously there are some people that are needed on days like yesterday - but, is it really so awful that the malls were closed? On a day when there are near-blizzard conditions, should you really be going shopping anyways?? My boyfriend works at a distribution center for a department store - the message for first shift was "The building is open, come in at your own discretion." By third shift, the message was changed and they were offering unpaid time off - but only because they couldn't move trailers because of the snow! Otherwise, they would have been expected to go in or to burn one of their paid personal days! Restaurants were closing, too. And the buses even stopped running by about 5pm because . . . they were getting stuck all over the city! And causing MORE problems for the plows! Of course, the airport was shut down around noon as they couldn't keep the runway clear . . . now, I understand those people stranded at the airport really wanted to get moving - either back home or onto their vacation or business destination . . . but, again, SAFETY FIRST! I really wouldn't want to be on a plane that had problems on the runway, or problems because it wasn't properly de-iced, or problems up in the air because visibility was so bad . . . so . . .

I guess I am a wimp and don't mind that a city shuts down because of a snow storm. It's just one day. And, I truly believe that businesses SHOULD shut down and not put their employees at risk. Keep the "essential" things running and let everyone else take the snow day. AND compensate those who *MUST* work appropriately!

Wow. I didn't mean to ramble on quite so much about this. I guess it is just something that really bothers me. There was a fatal accident right on the stretch of road I drive every day - and it was in the morning, when conditions weren't even as bad as they were later in the afternoon - is it worth that risk?? NO!!!!

ANYways!! Since I WAS home, I managed to get a yarn done! I should have it listed later today! It is called "Violets are Blue", and I have a more regular-art-yarn skein and then a skein with coils & beehives - but both are spun from the same hand dyed merino wool, with novelty and specialty yarns spun in and plied with matching thread. First skein is the coily one, 66 yards 3.2 oz, and the second one is 98 yards, 4.1 oz.

I also got the "Stardust" coils & beehives skein listed. You can see the listing by clicking on the picture!
AND! I know these disappear fast, but I got a "treasury" list on etsy in the "Treasury West" area . . . so, if you happen to see this before Saturday morning please CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!


Bejeweled said...

What yummy yarn colors! And your treasury is just gorgeous!

earmark said...

ooohh i so miss the snow... sounds wonderful, a snow day! recently moved to ca from ma... no snow here!
i do agree, i love it when a town shuts down, for one day, can't people just stay in and enjoy a beautiful snowy day...

your yarn is gorgeous, that is a beautiful color scheme!

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

thank you both!

as for the snow - i missed it a little when i lived in california for awhile . . but now that i've been back for a few years i have definitely had enough of it! it is actually snowing lightly today, too!