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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I actually don't have much to say this morning. It is snowing. Again. But, oh well.

I spun up another skein of the "PlumGrove Revisited" last night! It is 98 yards, here is a shot I took last night before setting the twist:

I am waiting to hear if this and/or the other skein are spoken for, but if not, they will be listed later today.

I DID decide to list the coily yarn I posted about yesterday. "All the Pretty Coils" is now available on etsy:
Even though I will be tempted to spin tonight (and I just might sneak in a little bit of it!) my plan is to knit. I have a show again this weekend (well, I'm *supposed* to have a show this weekend - but it will very much depend on the weather as I'm not going to make the 5+ hour drive if we are getting yet another snowstorm!) so really want to finish up a couple of knit things. I want to have at least one shawl, and finish the scarf I started the other night. Plus, I want at least one more pair of wristwarmers . . . so, it will most likely be more knitting for me tonight!

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High Desert Diva said...

Beautiful yarn....makes me want to take up knitting