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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Meet the Grrlz!

So, Kitty Grrlz really is just me. I do the spinning and the knitting and picture-taking and the listing and the craft shows, etc., BUT a huge part of the *identity* of Kitty Grrlz are my two cats, Bug Juice and Jinx.

Jinx is no longer with me, but she lives on in the many pictures I have of her. She was my "original" "bitch kitty" which later evolved into my "kitty gRRl". I got her when I was in college, from the Brady Street pet store on the (lower) East Side of Milwaukee. She was kinda sickly compared to the other kittens available, and my choice was between her and a rambunctious orange kitten with lots of spunk. Jinx was the small, quiet one, but I chose her. I know she *needed* me more than the orange kitty as the orange kitten would have no problem finding a home. Jinx, on the other hand, might not have been as lucky. So, I took her home and she became my companion through my last years of college and grad school. Tomorrow I will post a picture of Jinx as a kitten, but here she was a few years old in her favorite spot in my apartment when I lived in California:
Jinx always looks so sad in pictures, but later in life (once I resettled back in Wisconsin) she seemed to be much happier and relaxed and even more socialable as she always was kindof antisocial when people were around.) Here she is getting into some trouble:

Jinx, the original kitty grrl, really is the reason for my name, Kitty Grrlz!

Tomorrow, I will tell you about Bug and show a few more pictures of Jinx!

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