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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quickie yarn post!

So, I have been working on knitting things for shows (which I don't always take pictures of) and of course spinning! It was rainy yesterday so I wasn't able to get better shots, but I really wanted to share the latest yarns. So, here are some pics! Hopefully I'll have better ones today and be listing these new yarns on my site and/or on etsy.

This one is Navajo plied from handdyed Falkland wool from the Yarn Wench. I wanted to spin it for EtsyFAST's September Challenge, with a theme of apples/apple colors. The colors are a little darker than I wanted, so I'm calling it "In the Orchard at Midnight". 118 yards

This is one skein of two that I spun from handdyed merino wool from knitspin on etsy. I spun in lots of novelty yarns and plied with rayon thread in variegated orange/green color. This one is 134 yards, soft and perfect for fall. I'm calling it "Autumn Wish".

It's partner, Pumpkin Patch, is 98 yards and plied with burnt orange thread. Very similar as the same novelty yarns were spun in and it is spun from the same batch of handdyed merino wool from knitspin.

Both of those are much better in person--I really need to get better pics in better lighting. These were taken at night with just our regular living room light.

On Saturday (Sept. 8) I did another show. Once again it wasn't great, but I got alot of spinning done. I finished one skein of the two below, and managed to spin most of the single for the second skein. Then, I finished plying it at home on Sunday. Both are Navajo plied from handdyed merino wool from the Yarn Wench. Her colorway was called "Sabrina" but I'm calling these yarns "Vintage Rose"

I have lots more pictures of these skeins at flickr. It is my current favorite and it is a possibility that I'll be knitting it for myself. Of course, I don't know when I'll have time, so by then it might have sold. Should be on my site or etsy later today!

I also knit up another pair of wristwarmers from yarn that I spun! These I did get up on etsy yesterday, HERE. I'm going to try and get a couple more pairs done for this weekend--I have a big show in Cedarburg, WI. I am *really* hoping it goes better than the last 3! (the last 3 have been kinda bleah. I've made enough to cover my fees plus a little extra but definitely not enough for the time/effort of getting to them and sitting there all day. Thankfully I brought my spinning wheel to the last 2 so have least been productive!)

Anyways, that's all for now!


Morrgan said...

Oooo, all the new yarns look yummy, I have a hard time choosing a fave!

Megan said...

They look fabulous!

mud and mint said...

the autumn wish yarn is gorgeous and perfect for the fall season...my favorite season. i was tagged a few days ago and now i'm passin' it on to you. so... tag! see my blog for details.

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

thanks everyone!

and, i'll try and get the tag entry done soon! :)