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Thursday, September 6, 2007

New yarns & knits!

I know I haven't been posting here like I should, but here are some new things I've been working on. First, I have to admit I LOVE Navajo Plying! I love it because it keeps the colors of the fabulous Yarn Wench colorways much more "together" which I feel shows them off more! I also feel like the end product is a stronger, more durable yarn. Here are some of the latest Navajo plied yarns I've spun:

Sun Scarab, spun while at a craft show on Sunday, September 2:

Jinx's Woods, named in part for my kitty Jinx (RIP), the original color was called "Feral" by the Yarn Wench:

And, here is Purple Rain, spun from handdyed bamboo fiber from hollyeqq.com:

I also spun up this two-ply from handdyed merino wool from the Yarn Wench. It is two separate colorways (Rust Never Sleeps & Tradebeads Variation) spun into thin singles, then plied together. Not sure I like how it turned out, but that's probably because I feel like *everything* should be Navajo plied now! :)

Then, there are the knit projects I've been whipping up! I have knit a couple of hats with my OWN handspun yarn, and also a neckwarmer that I think I'll be keeping for myself!

Orchid Sky Hand knit hat with handspun yarn I spun (merino wool, romney locks, novelty yarns all spun up and plied with thread):

And, the matching mini-neckwarmer:

And, finally, here is a hand knit hat from "Turquoise Shadows" yarn I spun and plied with Moda Dea Frivolous. This is so soft and warm! This is also the yarn that was on etsy's front page last week! I still have one skein in my shop, but will be removing it tonight as I plan on knitting a matching scarf for this hat!

Well, I think that's it for a pretty picture update! :) I have a show this Saturday (again) and am hoping for the best. The past two shows haven't been very good, though the one on Sunday (Sept. 2) ended up not being too bad, PLUS I spun a yarn while there!

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Jen Vecc said...

i love yarn far too much! :)