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Saturday, June 13, 2009

New yarns!

I didn't expect to have time today to list new yarns, but I just finished listing 5 new ones! I ended up spinning past midnight last night!

This morning started out pretty dreary - it was raining when we got up early to do our weekly grocery shopping - and I was worried about how the Family Reunion would go. But, by the time we were on our way around mid-day, the sun was coming out and it turned out to be perfect - partly sunny which kept it a little cooler, a little breezy, and all-in-all a perfect day! The reunion was fun, but wow, being out in the fresh air really made me tired. We got home at a very reasonable time which meant I could list the yarns from yesterday! I'm finally done doing that (had some issues with pictures, and took a break to watch Harper's Island) and now, at only 10pm, I think I'm calling it a night! I've got a full day of spinning ahead of me tomorrow and I want to be ready - I'm determined to do one more day of single ply yarns - probably bamboo - and then Monday it is going to be a week of art yarns! (Okay, there are going to be a few Falkland wool singles in there, too, since I've got a nice order coming from Cloudlover, but my focus this next week is going to be on art yarns.)

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of my YART SALE!! I've added a few more yarns today, including these new ones, and may add one or two tomorrow morning. Here is where you can find my items -

Kitty Grrlz Hand Spun Yarns - YART SALE SECTION HERE
Kitty Grrlz Hand Knit Items - YART SALE SECTION HERE

And, finally, here is the mosaic of the new yarns!

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