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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Etsy Seller Spotlight on - iWunder - gorgeous moebius cowls and more!

Yesterday in my Plum Divine post, I made mention of my topic for today - and that is featuring the crocheted moebius cowls of iWunder on etsy!

Jennifer does many things, actually. She has hand dyed yarn, hand knit purses, and scarves for men and women. But, what has really caught my eye in her shop are the unique crocheted cowls she makes with my art yarns and also other hand spun yarns.

I always love to see how my art yarns are used, and when I saw these pictures, I knew I had to make sure to highlight them in a blog post! They show off the colors and textures of the yarn, but are also fashionable and very fun! (not to mention, versatile!)

You can find all of Jennifer's cowls here, but below are just a few of my favorites!

Here is the one made with the "Plum Divine" color! You can see more pictures of it here.

Another of my favorite yarn colors has been "Turquoise Parrot". Here is a cowl crocheted with one of those skeins - (listing on etsy here)

Another color that is one of my favorites to spin is this one - Mahogany Midnight Moon - here is a gorgeous cowl made with this color -

In addition to the art yarns, she also uses gorgeous single ply hand spuns from other sources, but also has used my "Squish-tastic!" yarns. Here is one that really shows off this style of yarn - (you can find more great pictures in the listing here.)

And, even though she has many more in her shop and they are all fantastic, I'm going to end with this one - Surf's Up!

So, if you are looking for a unique and versatile hand made accessory - check out iWunder on etsy!


Elephunk said...

Those cowls are gorgeous! I love iwunder's shop and now I know where she gets the great yarn to make her cowls!

iWunder said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You for such an awesome feature Bobbi! Your yarns are so easy to work with, always full of surprises, and I don't need a fancy pattern to use them. The yarns always speak for themselves. Now which colorway do I want next...

Amanda said...

iWunder is not only a great Etsy seller, but she's a really awesome person too. I love, love, love her work - especially these cowls!

Judy said...

Stunning cowls! iwunder does beautiful work and uses very high quality materials!

ginny said...

Great feature on the work of one of my very favorite Etsians! Gorgeous cowls and absolutely yummy yarn too! Jennifer is as brilliant as she is talented --- in fact she's just all around awesome :D!

lemonade sun productions said...

Fantastic! iWunder is a wonder with yarn and your yarns are gorgeous. What a great pair you make :)

EverImprovingMe said...

i love iWunders work! awesome post

La Beq said...

Wow! I've kind of wondered how art yarns look when used, but this demonstrates beautifully what a talented knitter can do with art yarn made by a talented spinner!