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Friday, February 13, 2009

More New Art Yarns & Bamboo

I've been trying to keep focused on spinning the past few days, and I have managed to get some new bamboo AND new art yarns spun up. Yesterday, I spun up two new art yarn colors. The first is spun from merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench. She called this color "Lifesaver" and I think it really fit! But, while I was spinning this yarn, all I could think was "Summer Cooler" - so that is what I named it. I have two skeins and they are the bottom two in the mosaic below. The second color was spun from more Yarn Wench merino, this time a color called "Suited Up". When I first bought this fiber, the name reminded me of "Barney" on the tv show How I Met Your Mother. I originally wanted to spin it into a single ply, something that could maybe then be knit into a "guy" item. Well, as it worked out, I had some yarns that matched it well, so I abandoned that idea and decided to spin it into an art yarn. Hence, the name is "Barney's Midnight Blues" to try and keep a bit of the original thought I had when buying the fiber. I have two skeins and they are the top two in the mosaic below. You can find them all on ETSY HERE.

On Wednesday, I spun up 8 skeins of bamboo in the Stormy Night and Summer Shades colorways. I usually name the Summer Shades colors "Stormy Seas" to go along with the "Stormy Night", but this time they seemed a bit different, so I stuck with their original names, though two are lighter and two are darker. These are all on etsy HERE.

Today, I am thinking I'll try and spin up two more art yarn colors - once again a "bright" one and a "blues" one. This blue one will be slightly brighter shades of blue with more pure white and off-white yarns spun in. The bright one will be pinks, oranges, a bit of peach and purple. That one will be called "Summer Scorcher". Not sure about the blue one yet. Probably something simple like "Winter Ice Blues" or "Winter Blues". Then, it will be back to the bamboo. I have 3 remaining colors that I'd like to get spun up before I get my next big box of bamboo fiber which should arrive on Wednesday!

But, now, it's off to work!

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