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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Batt-tacular! Elementals

Tuesday, I spun up two batts from TerraBellaSpun. They are "Batt-tacular!" yarns as I spun them from carded batts of various fibers. This series, though, is called "Elementals", and so far, I introduce to you, "Earth" and "Fire"

Not sure if or when I will do others in this series, but you never know!

Last night, I returned to the fun art yarn spinning, and spun up something I think I may call "Strawberry Fields Forever". Even though strawberries aren't really this pink in color, I just couldn't help but think of this as I spun it. (Though it could have been the fact that American Idol did Beatles songs again this week so I have them on my mind. Speaking of, very disappointed to see Amanda go, even though she probably wouldn't have made it much farther - I just was hoping Kristy was the one to go since she is SOO boring to me!) ANYways . . . these two skeins will be listed this afternoon. One is 98 yards and the other 102 yards. Both spun from hand dyed merino wool (dyed by the Yarn Wench) with novelty yarns spun in and plied with bright green thread, with coils and beehives throughout (though not *too* many, just enough for some added fun and texture!)


Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...


MARYYX said...

VERY nice. I started spinning a couple of years ago, and am about to get brave and try some specialty yarns. Sofar I haven't dyed any of my wool and have just been using the natural colors.


Jus Shar Designs said...

Gorgeous! I really like the last one...my DDs favorite colors.

BTW, I tagged you. Check out my blog.

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