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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some Thursday Randomness . ..

Okay, so I know yesterday I sort of said I wouldn't ramble about things . . . but, I can't help it. Here goes some random thoughts I've had this week . . . (if you just want to see the yarn pics, scroll down :) )

Project Runway: since I don't want to spoil it for anyone, I will just say I am really happy with the outcome.

American Idol: Okay, my problem with this weeks shows was . . . . were the 80s really that *boring*????? I mean, say what you will about the fashion and music of that time, but I certainly don't remember it all being so snooze-worthy! I mean, sure, lots of 80s music seems really cheesy nowadays, but it also was FUN, and UPBEAT, and, well . . . that just seemed to be lacking in the song choices this week. Of course, I've always thought song choices have been kinda lame, since it is rarely ever the kind of music I actually like. The highlights, though, for me - Brooke's version of Love is a Battlefield. I can't believe I am agreeing with Simon, but I LOVED it. I really like her, though I don't know how far she will make it. I also liked the guy's version of . . . Hello . .. I think it was? The Lionel Richie song. Again, not upbeat, but at least he tried to do something interesting with it. I also still am not really sold on that Michael Johns guy (who once again was compared to Michael Hutchence?!) . . . nor am I sold on Carly Smithson, though I did like her performance this week the best of any week so far. And, well, I may be in the minority, but I loved Daniel Noriega's version of Tainted Love - it was at least upbeat and FUN, which, again, isn't that what the 80s were all about? Also, while I *want* to like Amanda Overmyer - I'm just not sure. She seemed really uncomfortable this week. Oh well. (I hope I got all the names right - I am not an obsessive AI fan, just have it on while I spin)

Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers - Okay, I will admit I was one of those people who thought he should have retired last year. I was wrong. Last season was amazing, and it completely SUCKS that we didn't have a shot at the Patriots - who I definitely think we could have beat. Again. But, that didn't happen. I was hoping he would come back, and I agree with some of the ESPN guys that there IS still a chance he WILL be back . . . BUT . . . I'm going to tell you right now why Brett Favre retired. And, it is because finally, at 38, he has HAD ENOUGH OF WISCONSIN WINTERS! ;) Okay, I say this partially tongue-in-cheek, but really - did you see him in that Bears game with the wind/cold? Did you see him in that last game against the Giants? He was miserable. And I don't care how much you love the game of football - if you don't HAVE to play in those conditions, WHY DO IT!!?!?!? I know they say he was SO GREAT in cold weather, and yes, he was, but you know, after HOW MANY YEARS (15?) it WILL wear on you! And I don't blame him for that at all. (Okay, now will ESPN PLEASE STOP airing their little Brett-walking-around-snowy-Green-Bay-naked bit?)

Finally, I have another storyline suggestion that I guess *I* think would be cool if it played out - HARRINGTON (as in Joey) was cut from ATLANTA yesterday. (Do you remember where we got Brett Favre from?) SO, I think Green Bay should sign HIM as a BACK-UP! Then, when Rodgers starts to suck OR get hurt, Harrington can come in AND SAVE THE DAY AND FINALLY get his due. (Yes, I don't know why, but I've always liked Harrington and feel bad that he never really shined anywhere. This is NOT because I think he is "cute" - I don't think football players are "cute" (I much prefer hockey players since they usually have nice long or shaggy hair! ;) )

Anyways, I think that is enough about sports, and I hope I didn't turn away the few readers I may have . . . now, on to some pretty yarn pics, right?

Here is the second skein I mentioned yesterday, called "Irish Lore". It is spun from merino wool with specialty yarns spun in and plied half with gold thread and half with green thread. It is now listed on etsy and my site.

I also finally took some pictures of some "Kitty Minis" that I've had waiting to be listed for awhile now. These are hand spun mini skeins - sometimes spun from "remainder" fiber, freebie fiber, or the left overs after using it for knitting. So, I have 3 sets now available.

The first are two skeins of hand spun coils & beehives yarn. Total of 40 yards.
The second are two skeins of hand spun Navajo 3-ply yarn, Fallen Petals and Earthly Treasures, total of 88 yards:
And, finally, another set of Navajo 3-ply - these aren't on etsy quite yet, but should be later today, but they are available at kittygrrlz.com (my site). This set includes Forest Gold and Sea Story Blues and totals 92 yards.
And, finally, here is a sneak peek at 2 skeins that will be listed later today (though the colors aren't quite right in this picture) - they are both 56 yards and spun from Falkland wool hand dyed by the Yarn Wench. They both have specialty yarns spun in and are plied with thread with lots of coils and beehives. Very fun, textural yarn! ****Pictures have been removed! You can see better pictures in subsequent posts!!******

Okay, that's all for now! :)

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